• Identify who it is and ALL of the rest of us will take care of him/her for you.
  • Nothing except ignore the comments and unsubscribe. I have the same problem on an ongoing basis. If you ignore them enough, eventually, they get tired and go pester someone else
  • contact answer bag to send him a warning or get him off the site.
  • unsubscribe from comments?
  • it's the internet,who cares who comments or not
  • if he's harassing u, notify a CL or use the feedback button at the bottom. Send a copy of one or all of the comments from him (snapshot) and they will take care of it
  • Sadly we can not control who comments and who doesn't they have the right to if they want. But if they are being hateful you can report them to a CL or a staff member about it and they will take action.
  • CL asked someone to stay away from me, yet they didn't - instead they started sending links to their friends .. there is nothing either one of us can do and I don't trust CL/staff to do anything either, just unsubscribe ... it's the our only defense.
  • I would just ignore him/her but you also can report to a communuty leader or directly to answerbag.
  • If it's offensive or if you think this ABer is stalking you, contact the AB admins. I hope they can put an end to this for you.
  • scroll down to the bottom of this on 'about us' then scroll down to bottom of that page and send message to AB admin...they can help you:)
  • Report it to AB staff. Sounds like you have a stalker. If he keeps following you around making inappropriate or insulting comments, I would simply report him. No one should have to put up with that. If you can give some examples of the threads on which he appears, it would be helpful. Just go to feedback at the bottom of the page, click on that and you'll find a space to explain the situation. You can check the small area that asks if you want them to contact you and maybe they'll be able to take care of it for you. Good luck, Major L. It's best to ignore these people but sometimes that doesn't work.
  • I think that you should report the user to AB as several of the others have described how to do. But don't behave like a victim either. Don't let that user push you around.
  • I think the best thing to do would be to activley ignore him!
  • Oh my, why cant you just tell me, why did you have to post a question about my comments... I feel butt hurt Jokin!! Good luck!!
  • Send my their address and 20K, I'll take care of it, for good.
  • If it is offensive or nasty comment report it to feedback on the page with the comments. They will warn him and if it is bad PB him/ If it is just normal comments i am afraid there is nothing that can be done anyone is allowed to comment wherever they wish. If you do not wish to be involved in a comment thread which he is on just unsubscribe.

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