• Hamburger U may take you
  • I haven't a clue but congratulations for turning it around!!
  • They'll probably want your transcript, anyway, which will have what your school reports. For your own calculation, take 1.98 times the total number of semesters through that point, add 3.57 and 3.5 and divide by your current total semesters.
  • You need to know your exact grades. Each grade is giving a point. A=4 B=3 C=2 D=1 F=0. If you had 3 classed and got A's in all, you would have 12 grade points then you divide by the number of classes so you would have 4.0 GPA (12.0/3=4.0). If you got 2 A's and a B your GPA would be a 3.66, because you got 11 grade points and took 3 classes. I hope this makes sense.

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