• I think its great. Much more of rare thing these days.
  • no he finds it interesting so why not let him read.
  • No, it's an amazing thing in this day and age. Cultivate that desire to read and he'll be way ahead of the game.
  • i think its wonderful.good for you.dare to be different.
  • good for him
  • I think what's unusual is that something like this should be thought of as unusual.
  • I say yes in a good way because the kid who chose to read are some of the most gifted people you will ever meet!
  • its unusual in the sense that no twelve year olds like to read anymore. but its not bad, encourage him
  • My 12 year old son loves to read! He has always been a good reader and just finished reading The Christmas Sweater by Glenn Beck. Our kids are allowed to read for one hour when they go to bed and there are MANY times when I go to bed, he is still reading and I have to remind him that his hour is up.
  • I think it has become unusual but it's something to be encouraged for sure. I have an 8 year old son and he loves to read too.
  • No, I hope you don't either.
  • From what I can tell, its unusual if a 12yr old CAN read!
  • I think it's fantastic that a 12 year old boy loves to read. It's fantastic if a 12 year old girl loves to read, too. Reading and hopefully comprehension skills would be enhanced. Not only that, the enjoyment of reading might last a life time.
  • Absolutely not, when I was that age you could not get my head out of a book, my brother was the same, even now as an adult I love reading, and both my parents encouraged my brother and I to read, reading can be so much fun. I think that more children should be encouraged to read as there is so much one can learn from reading. I think that it is better that he is reading than if he were to just sit in front of the tv or some computer game.
  • not at all. I love to read although I am alot older I am reading the witching hour. whats are you reading?
  • I thought that was the desired effect.
  • I an impressed if a 12 year old loves to read,that is one of the better traits to have.Imagine him just playing games online all the time,what's better?
  • No way. I was like that. I still read a book or two per week. As a kid at 12 years old I had library privileges in two towns. My folks would go to different town to shop on Saturday and their needs dictated which town the went to. I never got charged for overdue books. The librarians knew I couldn't control when I brought them back.
  • My son read Moby Dick (in it's original) when he was 11. I couldn't even read that now. So, no, it's not unusual, especially if someone has given them the love of reading. For my kids it was me, who read to them all the time - thru meals, at bedtime, waiting for the bus. For me, it was my Grade 4 teacher who read to us every day for an hour. Thanks Mr. Sykes!
  • No, it's great! I loved to read when I was younger *and still do*. I may not be a boy but I don't see how gender should affect this. Good luck and to this boy, if it's you or someone you know, happy reading!
  • i dont think so, theres probably lots of guys that read
  • All though not unusual, I think it sad how often people ask strangers what is "normal." Look around -- who wants to be another cookie cutter of a human -- look where that's got us.

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