• Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster, YES! Could you imagine 3 terms of Bush? People would probably be coming suicide by the millions or rowing to Cuba in rafts and homemade dingies
  • Could you imagine Bill and Hillary there...FOREVER??
  • It's the idea of checks and balances. If he served too many terms it could become a dictatorship. In the past, this was not always the case, the two term system is actually fairly recent.
  • Because Geroge Washington did it, and anything the founding fathers did is automatically the only way to do things.
  • The 22nd amendment of the constitution was enacted to prevent a president from being elected from office for life. The justification for the amendment was that the founding fathers (Jefferson, Washington, Adams) all voluntarily left office after two terms and all of the men said that the constitution needed to be amended to limit presidential terms or one day America would have a authorative power like a ruthless king that could not be removed. As much as I think Bush should run for a 3rd term, the 22nd amendment needs to be observed; so It was nice knowing you George, welcome Barack.
  • FD Roosevelt actually served more I believe but that was because of WW ll. It has been two terms since Washington.
  • Washington only severed two terms. F.D.R. served for 3 and a half terms. After which people decided it was only right to have a president server for no more then the first president. The Twenty-second Amendment makes it binding that no more then two terms can be served.
  • Truman won the presidency but was unable to coat-tail in the House. So, those far sighted republicans, having just been beaten 6 times in a row, voted the term limit. Then they started crying about it later. Now, we should make it the way it was, which was unlimited. Obama might win 4 times, too.
  • The literal answer is the Twenty-Second amendment. However, I think that much experience shows that nobody should be in the *same* position of authority for more than about ten years. They get stale, they lose touch with their background, and become surrounded by sycophants and people to like them to provide diversity. Since the Presidential term is four years, two terms is a reasonable limit. If the US cannot find one fresh competent manager every eight years, it must be a truly sick country,
  • 12-06-2016 That was the only way they could think of to get Roosevelt out of the office.
  • it is fair that way.
  • Would you like somebody like Trump to be President for longer than that?

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