• YES i took it, i finished the gallon within the hour but i was throwing up for a while...i felt sick before i finished the milk but managed to keep it down until i was finished. i dont recomend this.
  • I haven't done it but I know about 5 teen age boys who tried & failed at it. Sounds easy but they said you bloat to bad to finish it.
  • I heard that many people have tried this and failed miserably and became very ill from it. I don't think of it as competition, but I can drink one in a half hour with ease, and not get sick from it. I don't really recommend doing this, but I only do it because I learned how to drink it without being sick. I try not to inhale too much air while drinking because there is nothing worse than a air bubble in your stomach, and bloating.
  • I never new it to be a challenge. I guess being a farm boy it never bothered me much, as long as it was ice cold. I sometimes drink just 32oz's at a meal. But other times I have drink a full gallon. My main drink is Ice Tea. But do to some types of food that cause a bad heart burn to me. I will drink a lot of milk first to keep this from happening.
  • Isn't that dangerous to do?
  • I used to drink a gallon of milk in less than an hour all the time when I was a teenager. Now I drink a gallon of beer in under an hour.
  • i cant do that, milk is one of my allergies

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