• The Bathroom become free........
  • well, does not explain
  • I need to understand this, cause my girl says that she cums but how do I know that she has cum, when men cum, sperms come out but womens pussy keeps secreting a liquid, so how is that liquid different from a cum
  • Well if u are playn with her clit and she squirts some fluid on ur fingers and she moaning with she as cum. If u r penetrating her and u r all of a sudden wetter then u were and u know its not u then its her. And simply ask her. If she says yes don't worry about it, If she says no then keep tryn
  • you dont unless she squirts you have to take her word for it, there is no physical signs really
  • The way(s) you can tell... The inside of vagina will start pulsating with gentle, rythmic contractions as she climaxes. Moaning, heavy or shallow breathing. Clenching her legs together as all the above happens. Not all girls squirt, the majority of us don't. Also, wetness is not a way to tell for sure.
  • She begins to follow you everywhere
  • hmmmm its really dificult to know
  • I have found if she will let you put a finger in her butt it is easier to feel the rhythmic contractions of her orgasm.
  • I was told that my legs get stiff. Unfortunately I have never cum while having sex with man unless he allows me to masturbate while he penetrates which "THE SH%T!! Most women don't cum while having sex with a man. So don't get upset if she doesnt. Most women fake it for the man's ego. Sorry. We do still enjoy it however. Let her masturbate while you penetrate her slowly. Lay on your side w/her leg over yours or let her lie on her back while you sit up, penetrate slowly and allow her to masturbate, when you see that she is starting to cum or she tells you speed it up..Um um um..gotta go make a call. Good luck.
  • When I cum, The inside of my pussy, my clit, and even my anus throb and twitch... My pussy turns from pink to a dark purple do to extra blood flow. Sometimes I squirt but not all the time...
  • I know, because I can feel the pulsations on either my penis or my finger (whichever is being used). Never managed it due to penetration alone - it takes variety of stimulation (all fun) to get her to the edge - but it is soooooooooooooo worth every bit of the effort, especially when I time it right so that penetration is what finishes it off. That = a big mutual and sensational end!!!!!!!!! MMMMM - can't wait to get home later and get the kids to bed!

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