• I would not take it seriously until I went in and spoke to my employer. Anyone could use a company computer and send a message. If it were true, I would complain to thier boss, then file for unemployment.
  • I'd feel pretty unloved. But also kind of excited that I didn't have to work at Radio Shack anymore.
  • I would look at the situation and try and determine if there was anything I might do or say to help create the situation I wanted. If there was noting could do or wanted to do I would begin looking for a new job. It is human nature in a case like that to dwell on "not on WHAT was said but HOW it was said". That's because it was undesirable, we were hurt, and we want to "hit back" whoever said it. IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT IT. Not to you and not to "them". If they were jerks then they were jerks and you can't do anything about that. Move on, forget about them, and put all your energy into getting another job (if that's what you want or need to do.
  • Yes, it lousy. It is, however, an opportunity to cast some blame or implication of evil behavior on the employer because they fired you (an attempt to "hit back"). It's human nature but it's a waste of time and an excellent example of "crying over spilt milk". Better to immediately focus ones' energy on resolving the issue: find another job.

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