• Just tonight. It's 3:06 am and I'm awake because I'm not feeling well. I took some cough medicine earlier, but it's worn down. Guess I'll have to take some more. Rest is what I really need to get well.
  • Caffeine consumption coupled with my age.
  • the times i can not sleep it is because i'm worried about something specific, or really excited about something (like a trip)
  • Stress most of the time... other times I have no idea
  • Sometimes my insomnia is because I have a genuine worry to think about. But other times I have no reason what so ever. I lay there and think about all kinds of stupid shit....Drives me crazy......After a couple of hours of "trying" I end up getting up and doing this idiot box for a bit. Finally I can go to sleep, but it is usually after a short sleep and it is time to get up. +5 good question.
  • I'm a super sensitive sleeper, temp, comfort, sound, light, all come into play. and for the restlessness, its a combination of those and possibly depression, or even stress. Also just the thought of not getting enough sleep might further be hurting my case lol. if you were to meet me though you would never know i was depressed or tired, even though i'm pretty calm. I'm just the kind of person that can tap into reserve energy, or even smile/laugh durring the halocaust.
  • I think part of the reason for me is that I don't have a regular schedule. Another reason could be medications and caffeine. Medical conditions, both mental and physical, can prevent you from being able to sleep properly as well. If you're having sleep issues the first thing I would recommend is to read up on good sleep hygiene. If you can't sleep because your mind is racing there are medications that can help. This is also a symptom of depression. Again medication can help.
  • I am most usually of the nocturnal nature. Have been many years. Then again I sleep day or night. I used to have depression. But God delivered me of it. Not simple depression either. Plus neurological problems.

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