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  • No. It is normal to sometimes be attracted to people outside your primary relationship. If your husband tells you he's attracted to someone, I would take that as a GOOD sign that he is being honest with you and disclosing something that may hurt you but will help him stay faithful. If someone is attracted to someone outside their relationship and hides it from their S/O, the chances of the attraction being acted on increases.
  • Physical attraction has nothing to do with not being faithful....I do not think it means he will cheat for sure...many men look at dirty magazines....why???....because they are attracted to the looks of the women in is just eye candy; no big deal.
  • We all are attracted to other people...if he is not happy with his relationship now...he will cheat, cheat, and double cheat.
  • It means the guy's telling the truth. The only reason why any guy, married or not, would say that he's not attracted to other women is because he's gay
  • no it is human nature to find others attractive. i just had this conversation last night with my Bf. i remember i told him i know guys look at other girls like girls do guys and its ok. i told him i knew there were hotter than me... he said no there isnt... he said yes there are attractive girls, but there was a reason im the one he is with that to him im still the hottest girl most attractive. im the one he wants in the end. its like a "slut" that girl you here about thats so pretty and has sex in high school that you get jealous of... fact of the matter is is sure the guys may want to have sex with her but she will not be the girl who you go out with. they want a girl that is better in there mind... same as a girl who is attractive to them yes they may look but its not the girl they want if they are with you
  • No. People can't help it if they think others are attractive, it's a part of nature.
  • Heck no! That is totally healthy.
  • i look at other men and my husband looks at other women, it doesnt mean anything and if he didnt do it i would think he had a problem!!! look but dont touch

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