• Let him know that he has to start looking for a job or out he goes. And mean it.
  • Wait for him to grow up.
  • Be harsh. It may be hard for you as a parent, but sometimes people need a swift kick from reality to get their act together. Give him a time limit to get a job, or you'll take something away. It's your house.
  • Give him the big bad ultimatum. Get a job and find an apartment or DON'T get a job but still get the hell out. The longer you let him mooch off you, the worse it will get and the harder it will be for him to go out there and do something with himself. It's harsh, but it's what you have to do to get him motivated. Good luck!
  • Give him 30 days and the classifieds. It's hard, but stick to your guns. He probably doesn't see any incentive right now to support himself.
  • You should have done a better job of parenting before it got to this. Now youre at fault and you dont like it and so what, you FAILED him..
  • No problem. He is just doing what all 26 year olds are doing. Isn't he ?
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      *sigh* Maybe I was too harsh... but some parent type impersonators failed me similarly, and then wanted to blame and or punish me for their screwing up. I still havent forgiven that.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      I wish someone had slapped them awake and said, HOW YOUR KID TURNS OUT IS UP TO YOU. DO YOUR JOB RIGHT!!!!!!!!!! (And no it doesnt mean punish the guy after you fail him). ...And in this kid's case (26 is past "kid", but) doesnt he want anything? for a career? Doesnt he want to be something, own his own house, make a family, play music, write, act, teach, manage, something..... some kind of skilled craft work, be a carpenter even, something???? He should be encouraged to find what he would do even if he didn't get payed, and then whatever that passion is, figure out how to make life pay him to do it. It's not a hard formula. I know a veterinarian who become one because she figured out she has a passion for caring for animals. SHE MAKES GOOD MONEY! But you cant just let the guy feel he isnt empowered, so he wants to just sit around as if he's waiting. You know? A kid who's got talent and things to do, who is told "oh we haven't got the money to fund you a start in life" is just going to seek feeling good from other things like drinking and playing games and sleeping...and NOTHING! And is that his fault? Is it? If he had something he might have wanted but got told "we cant afford it"? *shrug* --> FUND HIM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mortgage the damn house if you have to.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Having pointed that much out, there is one other thing going on currently. Two generations of kids who would have just gotten "middle class" (working class") jobs and still been able to buy a house and make a life as 90 million Americans used to do, now CANNOT and are stuck at Mom and Dad's house, unable to make enough money to go start their own life. You can thank MORONS WHO VOTE REPUBLICAN FOR THAT. You know, IDIOTS who parrot crap they hear on FOX like "oh those are just stepping stone jobs". No they weren't, DAMNED EVIL LIARS. 90 million out of 330 million Americans worked at laboring jobs and bought their own house and saved to send their kids to college so they may do a little better if they got it in them (because not everyone does). you know? But by all means let's just parrot propaganda for rich people and have our kids find nothing but $10 an hour jobs (an amount of pay that means even if you work full time you cannot afford to pay to live somewhere), and a dwindling food stamp allotment, for a job to have they cant leave mom and dads house ever, and that's ok because retards will just elect more republicans right? and then pretend the homelessness doesn't even exist. HA HA! America, aren't you proud??? You know, like the Germans were proud of their new leader, Adolph and his gang? mm.... HEIL TRUMP! GET RID OF OBAMACARE! HEIL! SCREW THE LIBTARDS! SNOWFLAKES!! TRIGGERED!! (any of this sound familiar?) Oh I know I just threw up. ....Point is there's kids that cant afford to go start a life now, and it may not be the parents or the kids fault. Not everyone is cut out to be an owner. A lot of people just have it in them to be workers. But those kinds of jobs all pay DIRT or no longer exist. And yet the dummies that get payed said dirt still vote for the rich ASSHOLES who depress their wages so low. DONT ATTEMPT TO MAKE SENSE OF THAT. It does not make sense. That's why Europe laughs at us. America is the stupidest country in the world. We're a laughing stock. A failure. And I would suggest leave it, if you at all can. GO live in a civilized decent country, like in Scandinavia. And if you cant, well keep right on watching FOX then and parroting the crap, GOSH! *waves little fascist right wing, down with the people FLAG, for FOX* (Sorry, I'm the sure the sense I intended to make was in these words, but there is also all the disgust and sense of it being pointless to even think about, so...good luck. Fund your kid, or dont blame him, and stop saying "libtard' like a perfect self-hating victim at least.
    • Linda Joy
      That's crap! My mom's goal for me was to finish high school (she was mentally damaged and only finished 8th grade) she never asked more of me, never funded my schooling (It was understood when I was 18 I was on my own) I worked hard all my life went to school (only an associates so far, but I'm not done) I was a single parent working for minimum wage and paid for my home by myself. My son went to college. I didn't fund his college or adulthood either we scraped and scrimped and motivated ourselves! We both worked full time while going to school and co-patented my grandson. My son was a single parent as well! (Besides me) and we seldom even needed food stamps (even though he was eligible for Social Security disability in the second grade because of his ADD, I didn't apply because I didn't want him labeled, limited or taught to be dependent on anyone else) and after about the age of 30 it's way too long for anyone that's not seriously handicapped to be blaming their parents for the way their life turned out.
  • I agree with Dr. Phil on this one if you don't have a job your job 8 hours out of every day is to look for a job!
    • beaker95
      That's impossible. 8 hours watching TV, 8 hours on my computer, 10 hours sleeping. Where is this spare 8 hours to look for a job ?
    • Linda Joy
      No sir! Your 8 hrs of job hunting shall come FIRST!

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