• Split a celery stalk and sick each side in to a different coloured glass of water. Each side of the celery will carry the colour up the stalk and into the leaves. Looks really cool and displays the feeding system of stalked plant systems quite simply.
  • I'm sorry that I don't have any specific ideas, but as a teacher, I just wanted to encourage you to let him pick something that he is personally interested in. A great site to find step-by-step ideas for projects is Instructables. Here are the search results for science projects:
  • Lots of projects here. I am a big fan of solar experiments. You can find some on the page above.
  • Do a political science survey and find out how many people are fed up with supporting israels demands and want the feds to stop sending anymore bribe money to Tel Aviv!
  • 7-9-2017 I am drawing a blank on this. When I was ten I wanted to learn about photosynthesis, but the teacher told me to sit down and shut up, we were studying how pioneers made candles! Go to and search "3rd grade science projects". There is not much science in the links, but they are all approved projects.

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