• Spaghetti trees and macaroni bushes.
  • Whichever plant you use to make it up - wheat is used most often, to get the flour required, but you can make pasta with other ingredients as well (such as squid ink). Of course, it doesn't grow in pasta-like shapes, only the grain of origin.
  • Actually a lot of people will be unaware that the pasta plant pastusitalianussausicus is grown in paddi fields just like rice.They are planted in early March and flower in early July, and are ready for harvesting in late August.The pasta buds are then sun dried on stone slabs,and when fully dried they are then put in plastic bags,hermetically sealed and sent straight to the supermarkets.As for the Spaghettusringus plants well that is a more complicated crop to grow.
  • I'm sorry, did you forget the real source of pasta? The pasta vines?! I can't have you running around speading such falsidies...
  • 6-5-2017 Pasta is grown on a family of trees known as pastafarians. Here is a picture of spaghetti trees:
  • Pasta is made from durum wheat usually unless of course you're talking about the kind that comes from spaghetti squash
  • Spaghetti is a root food from an octopus tree.

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