• I do at work. No, it doesn't make me more productive, but actually gives me more room to clutter
  • Yes. And no. My L-shaped desk is home to a host of bizarro knick-knacks and spent pens. None of this makes me any more productive. I do, however, like the advantages of the L-shaped desk...more space, it looks cool, etc etc...:-)
  • At home, no, I have a small rectangle in a certain style that has just two little drawers for stamps and things. It keeps me more productive because I can't keep a lot of stuff on it - I have to deal with it and get it put away! I do have a rolling file with the printer on it, but it's also very small. At work I have a big rectangle with a big empty desk next to it that I occasionally commandeer for laying out projects. :)
  • Yes, I do and I love it. It definitely helps me organize my workspace and be more productive.
  • I don't right now, but I used to. I found that I just used one side to pile stuff up on, and the other side for working... so I essentially wasn't "using" the one side for more than storage, and I could have stored things anywhere else if the desk wasn't shaped like that. Now I have a large rectangular desk, I get just as much done.
  • No. When I remodel that section of the house I'm installing L shaped counter tops for our desktop and notebook computers, printers, scanners, etc. I hate the desks I have now and would like to use them for firewood.
  • Yes I do at work. I use one side for my pc and the other side for when I want to write on paper. I find it convenient.
  • I do, but I work in the corner (where my computer is) most of the time... I guess it just lets me have MORE mess than a regular desk...

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