• I thought I read, somewhere, that a child of legal age can sue a parent for back child support within a certain amount of time from them turning 18. You might want to check out your state laws, however.
  • Yes. The person owing money has to pay the back child support. I know this for a fact b/c it happened for me. My oldest was no longer eligible, but I still got all the back pay. The money is owed to the custodial parent, not the child, since the parent covered the expenses.
  • Child support is a debt to the custodial parent. Yes it is still owed, now as a back debt.
  • Depends on what state, but this seems to be the norm: All child support orders and Orders of Assignment signed by a judge after January 1, 2005, will contain the date that child support should stop accruing (after the youngest child emancipates at age 18 or until finished with high school but not beyond age 19). This will automatically stop the child support order and the Order of Assignment; however, if any unpaid (past due) child support is still owing, the employer will be instructed to continue withholding an amount from the paying parent’s paycheck until paid in full, including interest and fees. Child support orders prior to January 1, 2005, will automatically stop accruing; however the Order of Assignment does not stop until the paying parent files a Request to Stop the Order of Assignment and can prove that all past due support and any interest and fees have been paid in full.
  • Truly depends on your state laws... In most states though if you have back support payments you will be required to continue payments and then the judgment will be satisfied. Make sure the court or state agency reports this as most states are now placing this on a persons credit report as well In those states that do not require the formerly minor child could sue for the back support depending on the statute of limitations in that state
  • You are mistaken. You are not owed the money. Child support is meant to go to the custodial parent. The custodial parent pays for everything: lodging to keep a roof over your head and utilities to keep the lights on and heating, buy groceries, buy you clothes, take you to the doctor and dentist etc etc. That child support reimburses the custodial parent for doing that. It is the non-custodial parent who pays their share for your care. That money is never meant to be given to the child. When the child reaches 18 or graduates from high school child support ends. There is no more court ordered support when that child is no longer a child. 18 is a legal adult. If money was not paid previously then it is up to the custodial parent to hire a lawyer and go to court and ask the court for payment.

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