• I don;t know that you can. So many churches preach that speil, it's sad. How old is your sister?
  • Have your dad set the preachers ass right for scaring your little sister like that. I would. Do you want me to? Give me his E-mail address!
  • Don't worry about offending her beliefs; they are hateful.
  • For your belief structure, remind you sister that only God can condemn people to hell. Men, including preachers do not have that right, it is reserved for God, not men wanting to play God.
  • You can't. Seriously, what makes people think that just because someone is a priest, they have God on speed dial or something? I promise you that priest or reverand, whatever knows just as much about God, heaven and hell as you do. They do not have all the answers, they have the same human brain that is just as limited in knowledge and asks the same questions about our origin.
  • Discredit the preacher's opinion/judgement?! ;-)
  • People who have rigidly held religious beliefs can be quite intractable. You might point out to your sister that there are dozens of other religions and even some sects within the Christian umbrella that firmly believe that the preacher, your sister and your whole family are misguided in their beliefs and will be condemned to hell for their error. Tell her they can't possibly all be right, and might possibly all be wrong. Tell her everybody has to make the decision of what to believe in for themselves, and that if your friendship is to endure, she will just have to respect you for the decision you have made.
  • Good question. Continue being yourself and show her that you are a good person.
  • Go to the Bible and read the words of Jesus . I bring you a new comandment " Love God above all things. Love one another as I love you! Judge not! She will see that Jesus never talked about sending people to hell! I hope this helps!
  • Your sister is offending your beliefs, right? Tell her that, and that you have respect for her and her beliefs and you expect the same from her. She is afraid for you, but this doesn't give her the right to hurt you.
  • Tell her that God made you the way you are so why would he send you to Hell. You also need to have a serious discussion with your parents and remove your sister from that church. How dare a preacher talk to your sister that way. Im so sorry.
  • Take that preacher aside and calmly tell him that you found his comment highly inappropriate. Ask him why he chose to scare a 7 year old child like that? He is really the one who has the problem with your sexuality, do not let him use religion to turn it around on you.
  • Matthew Chapter 7 verses 1 & 2: "Do not judge or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you used, it will be measured to you." (the words of Jesus) New International Version Direct her to this Chapter and verse.
  • only one can judge you and that is God, not some preacher. it says so in the bible!
  • Don't worry about offending her beliefs, she obviously doesn't worry about telling you offensive things.
  • wow what a wonderful way for one of god's own to really take interest and try to spread the love and word of god! Here's my advice, be who you are, you cannot convince people of circular logic otherwise, either your sister will get over it or she want but you can't argue or change the minds of people like that.....and then go tell that preacher to go to hell
  • You know I love ya sodapop and I would pretty much do anything not to hurt your feelings, but you're asking the hard, this girl on this video can really relate so...
  • Remind her that she is to love and respect thy family, that is such a load of crap that the preacher would dare say that. WTF? :(
  • Your preacher is an asshole I would tell him right to his face.
  • And this preacher has a connection to the ways of God? Man cannot know the ways of God, so I think that you should be you.
  • Gee..I'll bet God is SO glad He has these people to go about condemning folks to hell because they don't like who someone is. After all God couldn't possibly manage on His own could He? Sheesh!!
  • that preacher dont need to be scaring your sister, maybe you should go to another church
  • just tell her the preacher was wrong
  • tell her that preacher is wrong and shouldnt have been talking to her like that, maybe you should all go to another church

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