• Actually, I think I am less compassionate. I am still a compassionate person, but I feel less sorry about more and more things.
  • I don't know if I could get any more compassionate than I already am!
  • I think so, i've also become quite a bit more skeptical and jaded too.
  • Yes, I think so. With age comes having more time at hand and thinking things over...that has to counteract being more impatient sometimes.
  • No i think im a bigger bitch.
  • Yes, mostly because I've gotten past my depression, 2 years ago I was not the same person I am now - I was not open to being empathetic to anyone or being kind to anyone.
  • No, less. The world has taught me that compassion can't be wasted on the incompassionate
  • I don't know. I'm more patient..maybe that is almost as good. :)
  • Yes, and a little more tolerant and understanding I think.
  • Yes I have, but I think this is also partly due to my job and appreciating the difficulties that many people have to face every day. I think with maturity comes a greater understanding of others and a more diplomatic approach to problem solving. I try now not to point blame but to find solutions as most ppl are fully aware of their faults and don't need reminding that they are so often the cause of their predicament. My mum's friend said recently that in all the time she had known my mum, she had never heard her say a bad word about anyone. Reflecting on this afterwards, I realised that I hadn't heard her say anything bad either. Thats not to say she didn't say anything at all, but she like me, was a solver of problems and dilemmas. Unfortunately I can't be said to have never spoken a bad word about someone but I do believe that if it isn't going to help the situation then people don't need to hear it.
  • Without a doubt. several years ago it was no surprised how many hated my guts for being just a big old jerk.
  • Since having my own children... for example, just today it upset me to hear that John Travolta had lost his son. I feel for him, I wouldn't have done so before I was a father myself.
  • I have always been a compassionate person....I am a lot more laid back and take things in stride...I realize that I don't have to prove anything to anyone but myself....I worried about if people liked me but I don't anymore...what counts is I like myself....I am far from arrogant...
  • Indubitably. :)
  • Yes, but I think I've reached the pinnacle. Now I need to work on my patience and self acceptance.
  • No, I think I have acutally become less compassionate as I have gotten older. I do not lack compassion, but I have certainly hardened a bit.
  • I think I was more compassionate when I was younger.
  • Yes, definitely, and Ive gotten more calm, patient and understanding. And of course less crazy...
  • Oh yes. When I was young I was too busy just holding myself together. I think it comes with maturity to some degree, although you have to have it in you for it to develop.

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