• You won't hurt them, you will inform them and they will be able to help you. You are only hurting yourself. If you can't stop, you need help. If you a school age, there should be a free counselor at your school, talk to him/her. You've gotta get that idea out of your head though, it will hurt them more if you continue to do this without telling them.
  • Well why are you so depressed that you feel like you have to harm your body? Personally I think you should tell them, even though it would hurt them at the time. Maybe they can help you figure this out. Dont you think they would hurt even more I one day or night you took it one step farther and killed yourself? Get help while you can. Dont worry about who's feelings you hurt right now. Get some help. They will understand im sure
  • i cant force you to do anything. please if you dont want to follow my advice just say so, and dont be rude. all i can offer you is jesus the greatest gift every given. you might think your alone but i swear to my grandmothers grave that God will never leave you no matter what you say or do. he loves you beyound words, thats why he sent his son and my savor to die for your sins that you may live forever. and dont try to take your life. this will only make things worst, if your not saved your going to a pit of fire and brimstone that i name as hell. i know i cant judge but god himself says it in his word. theres no party in hell, only the cries and moans of those sent there, and not to mention the smell of burning flesh. things of this world can not heel your depression. trust me im crying for you right now but this is between you and god i have done all i can. i hope this is help to you if not im sorry and good luck, i will without a secound thought include you in my prayers.
  • Try some of the tips in these articles:
  • Learn to love yourself. I know it's easier said than done, but that's what you need to do.
  • Seek professional attention and as for the self mutilation.. cut it out!
  • Nothing could hurt them more than knowing you were in pain and wouldn't come to them so they could help you.
  • AnnaMaria, You are not alone. I am a Manic Depressive. I have extreme highes followed by extreme lows. Some times they take a day or 2 to work out some times they take weeks. I did try suicide once, I didn't tell anyone didn't write any notes didn't pretend like so many do. It was not for attention. I was tired of LIFE!!! My older brother found me purely by luck a couple more minutes I would have been gone. I then prayed, and prayed and prayed. Asked God to tell me why I was not allowed to die. I didn't get my answer at least not right away. 4 years later I did, and it has been answered over and over. I had a daughter then another then a son, and then another daughter. Then I went into depression again and I asked why am I still here now. Well I now have 6 grandkids, and I am writing to you. I have told my story to many. I hope you heed it. Evrything we do is on his time and his eternity. He wants us there with im in Heaven. I didn't believe so much in my Bible until I realized how much he works in my life! Please read John 3:16, and Psalm 23!
  • you're only hurting them worse by cutting yourself and not telling them.
  • No you wont tell them! Look don't get mad at me I never seem to put the word's in the right place! How will they feel if one day they come in your room or house apt whatever and find out you cut too deep? That wont hurt them it will kill them! You are apparently loved let them help please!
  • if you wait until you really hurt yourself, you will hhurt them even more. I was a cutter when i was young. best thing that ever happened is when my cousin found out and snitched on me. trust me, those who care, want to help!
  • Go to the link below to see some famous and highly sucessful people who suffer and have suffered from depression. Some scriptures that really speak to me is Psalms 22, written about 800 years before Jesus walked the Earth it describes his suffering and his crucifiction. Another is Psalms 139, it shows that Jehovah loves us and knows us he even knew us when we were still in the womb.
  • if ur friends hate u just for cutting than they arnt very good friends.Only tell ppl that u know wont freak out to tell,like i do
  • I have suffered with depression and self harm for years, although i haven't been diagnosed by a doctor. i can't talk to any of my friends or family about it as i'm not sure what their reaction would be, as i'm sure is one of your concerns. the only advice i can offer is to try to find something else to do until the urge to cut goes away. It works for me, most of the time. You can only tell people when YOU are ready. Don't tell anyone until you can cope with their reactions, good or bad. Take care x
  • Seek professional help.

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