• When they are too salty for me I pour half the brine out and replace with water. I bet you can remove all the brine and replace with olive oil if you prefer that route. I did a Google search for an answer and it was unsuccessful, I wonder if an uncooked potato would do it, I know it pulls the salt out of salty stews, soups, etc.
  • Are you crazy? You dont, that is the whole point of olives is the salty taste. You can boil them in water for a few minutes and it will reduce some of the saltiness.
  • Suck on them real hard
  • heat them for a will get mushy and the saltiness won't be as overwhelming. cook them with rice. or just eat a slice of cake while you suck the olives.
  • Put them in water for at least one day. The salt from the olives will be transferred to the water according to osmotic pressure (from a higher concentration to a lower concentration).
  • You just eat them and the salty taste will go away. LOL
  • Soak them in water, changing the water every few hours. This will keep 'pulling' the salt out into the water of lower sodium concentration.

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