• I do. The first time I saw beer I just KNEW it'd be a match made in heaven.... and by heaven I mean Milwaukee, WI.
  • No, i believe that would be called lust or just a strong attraction. I believe that love is an investment of time and energy.
  • I dont believe in love at first sight, because love is a lot more than passion, to love someone you need to know them personaly, not just by the way they look or wink at you. I believe some men just drool to much over the beuty of women (Which isnt something bad) just dont believe its "love at first sight" Love takes it time to show.
  • love at first sight doesn't exist, lust at first sight does.
  • Nope i dont believe in love at first sight. I do believe in lust at first sight though.
  • Lust not love.
  • I don't consider it love at first sight but for some men is love a first booty.
  • I wouldnt call it love at first sight. You just get this feeling that there's something more to the gaze and you can't figure out what. You believe it was love at first sight when you are head over heals for each other. Its then you realise that the feeling you had was one that was saying " go for it, you'll find love right there"
  • I very much believe in lust at first sight
  • I am a true believer in this, I fell in the at first word though,haha
  • Oh I do! I fell in love with his avatar!! Mad or what? Then I saw the man and I fell in love with him... ♥ ahhh =)
  • I don't know if I do. I'd like to :) I haven't, no. With me it always takes a bit of time. The first time I met some of my favourite people in the world, I really didn't like them.
  • Of course, yes, I do.
  • I kinda do yeah. I remember seeing this girl i used to work with for the time, and you just get a feeling when ye see them for the fisrt time ye know. funnily enough we kinda hooked up but ended up being a disaster :S
  • i dont believe so. it takes time for me to really love someone and when i have it always ends up in heartache. so it takes more and more time each time. in the end i know i'll get in a relationship with a truly good person and not find the strength to love.
  • I do and yes I have.
  • Nah, I don't believe in it.
  • Yes, but when it is not reciprocated it comes off as very creepy.
  • No of course is the worst kind of love!!!
  • Yes, it's lust at first sight. We usually have to be attracted to the person first before we show interest. Notice I said usually. Sometimes you fall in love with the personality after knowing someone for awhile without having the initial strong attraction. Attraction grows from that love. So don't imagine that just because you don't have supermodel looks that being a nice person isn't an attractive thing to be. How on earth do you think older people stay in love with their mates? Age takes away our youthful beauty, so we should make sure we have something lasting to offer.
  • A lot of people have asserted that it is lust not love at first sight, which I agree with. I also think, however, that you can love the idea of someone at first sight. If a person appears to radiate all of the things you look for in a s/o you can love the idea of them...chances are you will find out there are many imperfections as time goes on. Real love has to do with the whole person, something you can only discover after time. I have fallen in love with the idea of someone many times, but later found out they weren't what I had hoped and did not love the person.
  • Stevie Wonder was trying to convince me of falling in love at first sight but I wasn't buying it........
  • The first night I met Thomas, we were in his car going to rent some movies, and I closed my eyes and I could easily picture myself being his wife. I knew that moment that I was head over heals in love with him and wanted to marry him. Of course I played it off for a little while to make him chase me a bit :) We were married 3 months later. I didn't love him the SECOND I saw him, it was just 2 hours later :)
  • Yes, I have.
  • Yes, when they brought me my daughter in the delivery room, was definately love at first sight :)

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