• I would have, if such a thing existed when I had teenagers. With my Grandson's, their Mom just let their minutes expire, instead.
  • Yep, and no Nintendo DS.
  • YES, because if you slap em you can go to jail... Just kidding. I have taken the cell phone away. Sometimes loosing the luxary of comunicating with there friends is the only way to get thier attention. I definately do not allow them to have internet on thier phone. It will run up you phone bill faster then a speeding bullet. Evan if you get a data plan, they will sign u for down load this ring tone for $9.95 a month or that one for $9.95 a month. Multi $100 phone bill easy.
  • My teenager does not have one. She knows that in order to get one she must have a job and pay for it herself. In such a case I would not take her phone as it would not be mine to take. Though I may prohibit activities and the use of the phone while in the house. And, of course, leaving the house.
  • When my almost 22-year-old was a teenager, YES! The problem was, she would give my mom a sob story and she would feel bad for her and loan her, hers! Of course I took care of the situation right away.
  • No. I advise them to use an earphone for talks longer than a minute. Just to avoid and prevent RF damage due to imperceptible heating up of their ears and brain.
  • I don't have any teenagers, but where I work, the managers will take away our cellphones if we are caught using them while on shift.
  • They didn't have cell phones when my kids were young. I took away their guns.
  • If I did have kids,why not.
  • Oh yes, they love their cell phone
  • I hadnt thought of that, its worth a consideration if a punishment is required in the future ! :)
  • I get online and shut them down. It's amazing really. It's the one thing that really seems to work.
  • We have a teen, and have taken her cell phone...and boy does it get her attention...even though she says she doesnt care.... she cares, its rough being a teen, and when your used to your cell hurts...and its very effective way to get their attention
  • It would depend. If you're the one paying for the phone and plan, you have the right. If the teen works and pays for it themselves, it's their property and that must be respected.

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