• Definitely YES!
  • old husband's tale.....the danger is from the bacteria contaminating the bird in the slaughtering process...the inspectors call it a 'shit dip' when the birds are evisorated then dipped in water to rinse out the body cavity. No, the blood won't harm you but the bacteria will so 'cook that thang!
  • Eating uncooked chicken can give you salmonella poisoning and make you very ill indeed.All chicken must be properly cooked before you eat it.If its a whole bird you must rinse it out with plenty of cold water.The best tastiest chicken is Kosher chicken but it takes some time to prepare properly.
  • Ewww - it makes me sick just to THINK about it. The answer to your question is YES is most definately can make you sick.
  • It is possible... Cook it to 175 to 180 degrees internal temp at least! To kill the bacteria in the cavity and near the bones where it takes the longest to cook. Especially if frozen... as supermarkets often have refridgeration systems and processing procedures that leave them in an atmosphere that is higher than the freezing point which allows for the bacteria to remain alive.
  • DUPE question
  • theres a lot of bloody things that make you sick if you eat it. usualy blood is a bad thing but the only way to know for sure is to have a friend eat it

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