• Uh i think that its self explanatory....I mean i dont want to go throwing around blame or anything but... well the only explanation is that in a drunken stupor one night you had an affair with mrs.clause didnt want santa to find out so you murdered him and accidentally left his hat on your floor and trying to clean up the mess quick you kicked it under your bed. well hope you and ms clause are having a happy life together now.. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
  • santa came early because you were so good and you scissor kicked him and fractured his skull. the hat fell under your bed. I think that means you have to deliver all the presents to all the good girls and boys. Way to kill santa...jesus is gonna be pissed.
  • it belongs to your other half sodapop!! surely you werent SOo pissed you forgot?? you made him wear it while you err.......
  • It belongs to the boogey man. He always dresses up for the holidays!! EEEK!!!
  • Santa slipped you some Rohypnol. You really don't want to remember.
  • I saw your Question and rang my pal santa as soon as i could. He says he left it there accidentally whilst trying to rob your home!, he said he couldn't find anything worth stealing except the spongebob underwear under your bed (figures)! He wants it back pronto!
  • O’l santa while busy making merry Heard a sound that gave him a worry, So he scrambled down off, and under The bed he went in a hurry. He heard the voice say, "Honey I’m home, I know I am a little bit early", So he threw back the sash, and was gone in a flash, as he was leaving he heard the voice say, Why is the window open? And was that Santa's.... sleigh?
  • Has there been a group of drunken reindeer stopping by, to party lately ?? If so, send them home right now !! Santa is getting pissed off with them. :-)
  • The little elf mice live in it.So keep it there or else they get bigger and eat your computer.
  • Well, years ago before you lived in your house, there was an evil little child. He never got anything from Santa, and therefore set out to catch him. His ghost as been under your bed ever since.
  • To fit under your bed, it must have been shrunk. Therefore, I believe that a wandering tribe of headhunters captured Santa, and instead of shrinking only his head, they shrank all of him. Then they put him under your bed as a bad luck charm if you remove it. I once removed a shrunken Santa from under my bed and
  • You are so easy to fool!I wear a red suit have reindeer and I fly inth sky each December 24 delvering gifts. Gee you forgot the good time whe had last year. Thought I was great but I guess I was just another toy!
  • Under YOUR bed?!! It was probably there from two years ago...along with all the Easter Dust Bunnies! :-)
  • your dog aquired it off a snowman.
  • haha..our dog jumped in the basket that my daughter was putting her presents in after she opened she kept piling the gifts on top of the dog and the dog just let her till almost all you could see is the dogs head...funny.
  • you found it the day before christmas. it must be a conspiracy. more than one person is involved. do you have siblings?

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