• Nobody here will be able to answer that for you, there simply is not enough information. If you have no reason not to trust him, trust him.
  • Have you two had sex? if you have, this is your answer. got what he wanted and has left you standing. I only hope you are not just a notch on his gunbelt. Be more cautious next time.
  • Im pretty sure you're a beautiful young woman but when a boy says he's scared to be in a relationship that means he's lying and he's a dog. I don't know why males are like this but the don't want to be tied down to 1 girl so they lie just to be with as many girls as they like.
  • Is this the 17 year older, or another? In any case, we don't have a way of knowing what's in his head or heart. Regardless of where he was scared or not, he made that decision for himself. Whether he was scared or not into you, no one can answer that. I would try to not take it personally and move on. He doesn't sound like a guy you would want a relationship with anyway.
  • It is likely a bit of both, but we cannot tell you on just this bit of information.
  • I would say that he is being honest. Be glad.

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