• Halliburton,Blackwater,Lockheed...A republican president warned of the growing power of the military-industrial complex - almost 50 years ago.It's kind of like the S&P 500 - you can't invest directly,but you can hold the individual stocks that make it up.Start with the aforesaid "blue chips".Drone planes seem up and coming - who makes them and more importantly,who's got a cost-plus contract to supply them?Legislators with seniority - what defense contractors are in their districts - who's paid ,I'm sorry,contributed,to their campaigns?It seems that war and war materials are growth industries for the foreseeable future - be bullish.
  • Sure buy Stark Industries.
  • Yes ... according to the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition, "War is good for business." ...
  • Yes. Investments in military contractors, mercenary troops, arms sales and financial backing groups can be quite lucrative.
  • George Bush has done it...and failed.
  • Of course. There are many ways. You could invest in the tech companies that make items used in war like Bushmaster, Lockheed Martin, Browning, etc...... These are all companies that are, supposed to, selling to the US. Another route is to invest in companies that in some way act like mercenaries. Black Water is a great company to invest in now as many countries including our Goverment are contracting them for military purposes and protection. Either way they are a hot company to invest in right now.
  • Of course. Much of the wealth of the USA stems from its investments in two World Wars both before and after joining them.
  • Yes. It is possible to invest in war. It's not impossible to invest in some fruits are there? Investing in war means that you support war and you want war to occur. I don't see anything impossible to achieving this goal if you really set your mind to it.
  • Yes. Just vote republican. They are the POS's who like war and robbing people and causing misery. This should be enough to inspire several hundred orgasms for someone who would ask such a question.
  • Yep arms dealers do it all the time.

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