• Its normal...but u can scold her if you want
  • Every time she licks you, bite 'er.
  • "Before you decide to eliminate your dog's licking, it is important to realize why your dog is doing this. Your dog's licks are his way of telling you that he loves you and that he wants your affection and approval. It is possible that being pushed away after 'kissing' you might make him try harder to lick you, thinking that he didn't deliver his message well enough the first time. " I stole that from which goes on to describe a couple more reasons and how to calm the behaviour down.
  • My friend's little shitzu licks me constantly, this is the way dogs give kisses. I guess she loves me a lot.
  • Biting shows dominance.... licking shows care and love. What would be the harm in you just washing your hands after your dog licks them? As long as the licking isn't on your face or waking you up from a dead sleep, you should just enjoy it. This is a puppy for crying out loud, you have a baby dog on your hands, I am sure she will outgrow this behavior in time. Maybe she will go back to biting you, I would.
  • Constant licking can occur for many reasons. As with most annoying dog habits, the key is to focus on what you'd like your dog to do, not what you'd like her to stop doing. Try stuffing a Kong toy with kibble, mashed potato, or bits of chopped up leftovers and freezing it. Give her the Kong when you're watching TV (or at other times she's likely to start licking), and praise her for focusing on her new activity. Here's more info.
  • 7-5-2017 You're the one who wanted a puppy. That's what puppies do.
  • Aww! Puppy kisses! I want her!

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