• charades
  • Ok, this is kind of a game that's played all night, along with your other activities. Everyone needs a hat. The goofier the better. My family has used everything from Santa hats to sombreros to those hats you see Chinese people wearing in rice paddies. Draw a name (from a hat, he he) to determine who's going to be the "captain" for the first round. Then go about your business - eat dinner, play games... at some point, the Captain will nonchalantly take off his hat. Each person that recognizes that his hat is off will then take their hats off. The LAST person with their hat on has to pay a penalty, to be determined by the captain (has to sing a Christmas carol a-capella, or do an impression of Grandpa's snoring are always classics.) The loser becomes the captain for the next round.
  • My nieces and nephews love 'Simon says'...

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