• I think it's number 2 more so than anything else. Along those lines, they can also claim, "I witnessed to SO many people..."
  • No, not really. That's the way they pretty much are but if you dare say it, then you get accused of all kinds of things from persecution to generalizations to being offensive and everything in between
  • neither. i dont believe someone would have the indecency to posed as a christian just to smear the name nor do i believe someone would go stoop that low to pull the persecution card...on AB
  • I dont understand the question, it is your conclusion, you tell us. I havent notice this "field day", what do you mean by having a feild day?
  • Thank you for asking this question. As a non-Christian, I thought I'd get pounced on if I posed it. All of the above and others - like: using anything available to spark controversy, rile people, venting hostility in general, using Christianity as the whipping post, etc.... That kind of posting certainly does not make for a great impression of Christianity.
  • What I've noticed is an epidemic of criticisms of the structure of questions, the semantics, and the flawed logic presented therein. Case in point, after the word, alleged, the quotation marks encasing the word, Christians, are unnecessary. Then, the concept of coming to two separate yet conflicting conclusions is inherently flawed. They are not conclusions but rhetorical questions posed without the proper punctuation. Lastly, asking people which one of your so-called conclusions is correct, you have discredited your own observations. Oh my. I just realized that I'm not part of the solution.
  • Probably the 2nd, they haven't had a real martyr in quite some time.
  • I beleive it is often merely a misunderstanding. . Many people, I have noticed, misconstrue the meaning of 'share your faith'. A lot of people believe that this means that you should tell everyone of your beliefs and try to convert them. What I believe it actually means is to share the word, and allow others to make a decision for themselves. By trying too hard to convert people, it can actually be more harrassment than sharing, which is a real turn-off. . Of course, as with any set of beliefs, there are always people who will turn things around on you and try to make themselves look like the victims. But this definitely does not mean that everybody is; just a select few.
  • Like your question? What is its purpose? Sharing the love? Physician, heal thyself.
  • If they act badly then perhaps they are the devil in disguise trying to undermine the faithful. Some people are so obsessed with trying to promulgate whatever passion they have (it is not limited to religion..political junkies do the exact same thing) they will beat you about the head, smack you down and try to stomp on you to get you to "believe". Now, we can't take these people seriously. The truly devout of whatever religion are kind, considerate, accepting and non-judgmental. After all what religion tells anyone to be arrogant, mean and hurtful? :)
  • why can't it be both?
  • I hope it is one of your options there, because if mainstream Christians believed the way many do here on the bag, I'd be too scared to go outside.
  • I think both 1 and 2 are valid. There are probably other, more personal reasons as well and God only knows what those could be.
  • Well it's like this some people just think you are insane to believe in God and they will talk to you as if you were insane. It's the attack on Religion but all Religions these people are becoming more powerful placing signs up at sites saying there is no God at a Nativity scene. Anyway I have come to the conclusion that this is the or near the end times which is actaully good thing for me. Later.
  • Neither choice. I believe that people who want to debate and argue in the Christianity category on both sides of the fence (Christians as well as non-Christians) have caused the recent flux of antagonistic Q&A that can lead to bitterness. In all fairness, the Christians don't need to get all of the blame. But, what do I know. Edited 12/15/2008 to correct spelling, not content.
  • There are plenty of intelligent, decent, Christians. However, they are intelligent/decent/secure in their faith enough to know that you can't debate most faith based issues, and therefore don't try. The silly Christians on AB are only wasting their time with this because they are silly. The amazing thing is that they actually believe what they are doing is effective and helpful.
  • Perhaps they're merely sick and tired of the anti-Christians here who love nothing more than a good baitig session?
  • Conclusion 3: They are very poorly educated and haven't mastered the basics of spelling or grammar :-(
  • I have found that not all claiming to be Christian are followers of Christ. I have also found that some non-Christians do go out of their way to find and attack posts that talk about anything to do with God. We are all individuals and the actions of a few should not be automatically applied to the group. There are some wonderful Christians on AB as there are some wonderful non-Christians.
  • I don't think it's either. I think they just wanto to preach somewhere. They don't want to anger people, they just do it accidentally. They do like to claim that they're being persecuted, however. Oh, poor Christian "minority," I shed a tear for you.
  • I have not really seen this but it wouldn't overly bother me. If I don't personally beleive in hell and damnation why would I be worried if someone told me I was going to hell? There is hypocrisy in every walk of life not just Christians. When people are passionate about something they can often get on their soap boxes trying to make someone else listen and beleive what they beleive. If it turns into personal harassment then that is what the Admins are for.
  • Have you considered that maybe it isn't Christians at all and rather atheist pretending to be Christians to make them look bad or uneducated. After all how much do we really know about each other here.
  • most arent like that and theyre are people who arent christians that pull the same shit too
  • Or 3) Atheists are angry people who want to attack Christian beliefs.

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