• Nope. Big bill does not equal good service.
  • No. If the food and/or service isn't acceptable, the diners should determine how much to tip.
  • I think tipping should be stopped. When I was over in Ireland we were told not to tip. It should be like that everywhere. Why should I give someone a bonus for doing their job? No one tips me even when I do my job exceptionally well.
  • No. A mandatory tip should just be an increase in price.
  • I understand that the tip should be based on good service & not be mandatory. The reality is that (more often than not) waiters/waitresses get shorted on tips in larger groups. People don't put in their share or not nearly enough. Bigger groups require more time and effort than smaller groups. Bigger groups stay longer. All these things can lead to resentment on the part of your server. You do NOT want a resentful server. So I say it's OK in large groups only.
  • Of course I don't. I tip people based upon how good of a job I think they're doing. I give a fairly generous tip for even decent service from a waiter. One time I was out with five (not six) people to a birthday dinner, and one more person showed up for *part* of it, just to say hello (didn't order anything), and the waitress tacked on an 18% tip to the bill. But on top of that, we were at the restaurant for around two hours, and the waitress basically just took our order, gave us our food, and ignored us the rest of the time. We didn't even get one refill of water. So because of the poor service and the gall of the waitress to tack on extra tip money when there were only 5 of us really, we calculated out 15% of the meal (after tax). And then she followed us out of the restaurant telling us to pay her more money in tip!
  • Mandatory tipping to me seems oxymoronic, and I only believe in tipping if the sevice was good, otherwise what is the point? if they know they are going to get tipped regardless than they might not bother putting any effort into the service.
  • For restaurants that do make practice of adding it: I think it should be 15% on large parties and that the % and the amount should be made clear on the bill. Being as that is the minimum that is considered appropriate. The person paying the bill can then add more if they wish. Tipping should not be mandatory. I worked the service industry the better part of 15 years and I understand more than most people how important tips are to servers. But they are to be earned. While I rarely tip less than 15% it is wholly important not to tip less than 8% as the server has to pay that amount in taxes. (8% of her total sales) In all my experience of dining out, never had I had service that was bad enough for the server to have to pay to wait on me.
  • No, a waiter, waitress should earn their tip.
  • I do not believe it should be should be based on if the service was good or not and the diner to decide on the tip.
  • It wouldn't matter to me. I usually tip 20 percent and seldom have bad service. I don't want to be thought of as a mooch!
  • You can still remove the 18% from your bill if the serice blows, They cant do anything to you. Tipping might be added to the bill but its not legally binding.

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