• either your're stressed out or u are pregnant its a slight chance though , i say go to the doctors they'll u something
  • Whoa! Was he checked afterward to ensure the procedure worked?
  • That is a long time to wait to know anything. You should get an appt with your doc. Cause if you are pregnant you need all the prenatal care vitmins etc. your husband should have gone and got tested to se if any live ones exist. this should have been done around 3 months. and retested at 6 months if the first was positive for live ones
  • It happens. I knew a guy who grew his own bypass. He was about to accuse his wife of cheating, but his doctor told him it sometimes happens. He checked him for live sperm and found out: guess what, he wasn't shooting blanks anymore. When he repeated the vasectomy, he pulled the bypass out and showed him (Ick). He really had grown his own bypass.
  • anything is possible, take a pregnancy test

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