• Your dad's going to win this one, sorry.
  • I think they both might be right, although I really hope they all make much more the $10 per hour. I think it depends on the city or town. A small town would probably pay a great deal less than the larger city. Somehow I don't think Barney made $10 an hour. ;)
  • Here in Ohio, I started out at $8/hr back in 1990. When I left, I was well over $25/hr. Small department. 20 guys. OSP starts out considerably more.
  • I would say that depends entirely on geography. Officers in places where the tax base is high and the cost of living is high probably make the larger amount. Officers in places where the tax rate is unhealthy (like small towns and places where the economy is bust like Detroit) probably make the smaller amount.
  • It not only depends on state, but also what branch. (ie, sheriff vs. state trooper vs. city cop)
  • When i retired, it was $32.00 an hour. But remember, it took me 44 years to reach that figure.
  • According to this site the median salary is $48,902, which is about $23.51 per hour. The pay range varies greatly depending on geographical location.
  • Back in the early 90's, I started at $7.35/hr. I finished over $22/hr. I think the starting salary is around $10-$15/hr.

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