• Vlad The Unveiler and Captain Jack Sparrow killed Col.Mustard in the Bedroom closet with a jar of peanut butter and a taser
  • Well whoever it was, it wasn't me. I was in the kitchen with the cookie jar.
  • I did it, using the broken hookah, while in the bathroom having a clambake session. Colonel Mustard couldn't handle his hit, freaked out and broke the hookah. In my rage I beat him to death with it. My bad, dude.
  • I admit it I did it with a am I pregnant question in the ab4adults room. Col. mustard knew better than to ask such a question and I did warn him that men just cant get pregnant. he just didnt listen.
  • It was an accidental death, actually. He decided to try Marmite and look what happened to him. It happened in somewhere in BAM's house, of course.
  • Sanguine Visions, candle stick, and dining room. Crap, I just gave myself away.
  • Ok...this is how it happened. Stick with me here Jay...this one gets a little strange! It was a warm night and Jodie and I were out being mischievous as usual. Everything was going fine until she decided it would be funny to moon a cop from my passenger side window. Turns out it isn't true what they say...Anyway!! We get pulled over and right away I know we're screwed because we have 2 circus clowns tied up in the back from our earlier festivities! I did the only thing I could think of...I jumped out of the car, Jodie following closely behind, just as we see another cop car fly by. Jodie turned to see if the cop had noticed us and was coming back and by the time she looked back at me...there was Colonel 4 pieces! She stopped dead in her tracks "KITT, What happened". All I could do was stand there with this "I swear I found him in all these pieces" expression on my face barely able to hide the twisted evil smile and the bloody lipstick tube. A quick thinker like she is, Jodie jumped into action and started trying to duct tape him together. Would have worked too...except in her haste he ended up with some arms in some interesting places. So there you have it! That is why we're sitting here in jail...using up our one call to call you...........and beg for bail money!!! You know you can't resist...look how cute we are!!! ;)
  • I think it was Sixty B and her accomplice Browndog.! If you want my honest opinion Sherlock:)And I can already name all the people that will cover for her. She was the last person in the French Fry Room..and so was Colonel Mustard. I know Sixty and Browndog hate mustard on their fries..or maybe they both loved Colonel Mustard! Maybe there is a Conspiracy Theory here! Or maybe they just hated Mustard on their maybe they squirted colonel Mustard with ketchup..and then it was bye bye Colonel Mustard..Colonel Ketchup has taken over!LOL:)
  • bookdoc did it in the ballroom with a candlestick!
  • It was keithold, he killed him with overwhelming intelligence with a touch of kindness - what a way to go......
  • Bernice is the killer Object(s) used..boring questions..his brain exploded In the walk-in pantry Happy Saturday! :) ((hugs))
  • It was me. Case closed. :p I was in the kitchen and saw him there. I looked in the fridge and saw that there was no mustard so I ground him up with a grinder that's specifically made for grinding up Mustard seeds, regardless of their rank. ;) I now see that others have also confessed. Either there's more than one Colonel Mustard or he's very resilient. ;) Also, I hereby recant my confession. :)
  • I'm innocent! He had a weak heart.. He was found on the Billiard room table ...and although the rope was involved, it was not the directly attributable cause of death
  • i bet it was you was who you found colonel mustard in the ab mansion! and here you are now asking answerbaggers to point the finger at each other. the telltale cheese crumbs in the "food & dining" ab room give you away jay. im shocked that you would kill him with his own knife! the one he had made a turkey & mustard sandwich with!! you seemed so nice...whyd you do it jay????!!!!!
  • Miss Scarlet did it in the bedroom with a candlestick!
  • It was Lee. In the Garage. With a car. the car was a Dodge, ironic really.
  • what in the world are you talking about?!

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