• LOL - I'm 39, so I guess I qualify. My advice to someone younger than me would be to get an education in a field you're passonate about. Don't settle for anything but the best when it comes to love. You can have both - a career and a family, if that's what you desire. Don't let anyone tell you your "dream" (mine is to be a published writer) is impossible, or to ever let go of them. Laugh as often as you can, as much as you can. Stay clear of drugs. Keep your nose clean and don't step in nothing.
  • I'm 28 so I just passed the age limit. Here goes: Don't have kids until you're married, don't move in with your boyfriend till you're engaged, and since you're from KC...GO BRONCOS!!! PS-I'm going to the game on Sunday...I'll tell ya all about it on Monday :)
  • I am a lot older than you are. My advice to you is to (if you haven't already) get an education, and a career where you can support yourself independent of a man. If you decide to get married, do it with someone who is first your best friend - that is what makes a marriage great and long lasting. If you decide to have children, don't do it until you are able to financially and emotionally support them. Always respect yourself and others. Thanks for asking. 4+
  • I have friends who are much older than you and still are doing well.sometimes you may feel lonely but that's a part of life. Kids according to my 16 year old daughter are a pain in the ar..!She says look at us!Boyfiends you can find ahead!So just don't be sad and be happy that life is still going to give you a great time ahead.Enjoy!
  • I am sixty. Advise my grandfather gave to me."Follow your heart" I hope it helps as it has always helped me!
  • He died at 103 with a smile on his face.I follow in his footsteps! Happy Holidays!
  • I'm 56. Age does not always bring wisdom. Insight can come from unexpected sources.
  • Enjoy the life with mr.right!Take mutual decisions and don't reach to a point of no return! (30 years on earth)
  • You need to have an income to be able to live. But you could live up in the mountains and live off the land. It is possible. But chances are there will be no nice plasma TVs, Blu-Ray disc players, I-phones or I-pods while living off the land. Also if your in the mountains, chances are your boyfriend will have lots of hair and bad oral hygiene.
  • 1. Children: raising kids is the hardest job you'll ever love. They need two things ( other than the basics of food, clothing and shelter ) ... to know beyond the shadow of a doubt that at least one adult human being loves them unconditionally, and that there are limits beyond which they cannot go and that there are unpleasant consequences for exceeding those limits. 2. Significant Others: People do and say weird stuff! Try to find someone who is weird in the same way you are; hopefully they'll have enough in common with you so you can understand each other, and enough differences to keep life interesting. Yes, there really are "soul mates," and I pray that you find yours; it changes everything! 3. Work and life in general: Life is the only universally terminal experience. Make sure that what you do has lasting, positive impact. None of us asked to be here. We're all in this together, and each one of us is simply trying to get by as best we know how. BE KIND! 4. Faith and belief: Even if YOU choose to not believe, be gentle with those who do. It may be all they have. My name is Forrest, I'm 65 years old, and I approve of this ad! : D
  • ...i'm younger...but learn to love your life without looking for things to happen and then things will start to'll see
  • I'm 24 and my advice is, somtimes listen to younger people also.
  • think about your future. get a skill if you dont already have one. there is a big demand for people to work with medical insurance. and anything medical is good right now. accounting is good. get your bf involved in buying some property where it is cheap so you can put up a double wide mobile home and live cheap. a lot in a subdivision, or ten acres outside of town is good.
  • exercise and lift weights. Your muscles start to atrophy around age 30 if you don't use them. If you want to stay healthy and active into your old age, you gotta start now. Cute avatar!
  • Enjoy this time by yourself and use it wisely to get to know who you are. You'll be on much better footing when you find that special somebody and settle down to raise a family.
  • Learn to listen to your inner-self (instinct, intuition) and act (behave) following your inner-light (not according to what you were conditioned to believe or what the majority says). With this, trust in yourself will follow and you will always do what is best for you.
  • My advice is,be happy youre not tied down in a bad marriage with three kids!! I just got married and im 28 so whats the rush. Plenty of my friends had children too young and are now on their own.
  • Don't have children unless you both REALLY want them.
  • #1 Get an education or trade skill. #2 Nothing in excess. #3 Make a list of your dreams and stick to it. Don't be swayed by what others have. I had a dream of a log cabin in the woods... 30 yrs later I've got a boat, a Harley, a big house in nice neighborhood, a big business to run w/no free time to even see the woods. At 42 I sold it all because I was miserable. I could have had my log cabin 20 -25 yrs ago. Anyways keep focused... What do you want? #4Keep things simple... Don't chase money all your life. #5 Be patient and loving w/everybody. We are all in this together. #6 Find your spirit and let it soar unfettered by what others think. = Find yourself and become who you are.

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