• Yes and I loved it , doing great here in Mississippi , good question --- + up
  • Too many times
  • 5-26-2017 Yeah, I was knocking about, so I rode on down to Atlanta to see what I could see. I got a good job so I stayed for nine years. But I bought a house, and after a while the neighbor punks started shooting out my windows because I was not screwing any of their sisters. I escaped and moved to Las Vegas to see what I could see.
  • No, that's not for me!
  • Yes, my family moved a lot and I was in the service, but I also went across country solo to be with someone I barely met online ended up staying for a while.
  • Yes loved it. Did it every 2-3 years and looking to do it again. I still spend summers in places I know no one for the peace. Great question +1

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