• It's what I make myself because I rarely go out for breakfast.
  • I really don't eat any of those BUT when I have in the past it was usually in a restaurant because I was hungover.
  • Make them myself....Dont go out for breakfast.
  • I make French Toast quite often and freeze a bunch. Then all we have to do is defrost it and crisp it up under the oven broiler or in a pan and voila! French toast with no muss or fuss. I slightly like pancakes..never make them. If Jim orders them out I'll take one small bite. Waffles remind me of my mom's Sunday night suppers..we'd have a big roast for dinner around noon. Then early evening she'd get out the waffle iron and make waffles with chopped walnuts in them..and we'd have them with thick slices of vanilla ice cream sandwiches for Sunday night supper. We loved 'em! :)
  • I'll make my own waffles and pancakes, usually. When I go out I usually get a big-ass omelette, steak and eggs, or buiscuts and gravy!
  • I had waffles, bacon and eggs for dinner last night! :) I usually make waffles at home. VERY rarely eat them out. Out, it's usually pancakes, which I VERY rarely make at home. I won't eat waffles out unless I know they're made in a waffle iron and not popped into a toaster or microwave.
  • In the Netherlands no-one goes out for breakfast! I never order these things in a restaurant since they'd charge a fortune and cost nothing to make at home.
  • I mostly make pancakes myself. I don't have a waffle iron and eggs frighten me.
  • I make them myself. I don't care for eating breakfast items out.
  • Occasionally if we are going out to breakfast we'll order waffles or pancakes, especially if they are a special kind. But normally we make these things at home. My husband specializes in great buttermilk pancakes and I think up the varieties for us to try. I do the waffles and French toast, always something different, stuffing them, different homemade toppings or fillings, different breads to try, even cinnamon rolls as French toast. Wow! Were those good LOL!!! And I also make crepes and fill them or stack them like pancakes in a huge pile and cut into wedges like cake for a serving. Good cold as well over several days time.
  • until recently I would order those items in a restaurant either for breakfast or dinner just depending on the mood, favorite thing strawberry waffles & whip cream but not so much now due to Dr's orders on new diet. So waffles at home so I can use wheat batter and made up my own batter for French toast that is more friendly for my diet and sugar free syrup as for pancakes only cook those for hubby, they are just not my and we eat them for breakfast or dinner.
  • We make pancakes pretty often, but when I go out to eat breakfast, I order french toast. I don't know if pancakes are easier to make or what, but if I'm at I-hop, I will order pancakes because they have a bunch of different syrups that taste really good.
  • Pancakes and french toast ... I usually have to add eggs or something, waffles ... I usually get the "pecan" waffles (with EXTRA pecans), and they will usually do the trick by themselves!
  • I very rarely order these things in restaurants, because the syrup they provide is usually table syrup, which I think is pretty disgusting. Unless I know for sure the syrup will be real maple syrup, I don't even consider these items. Also, when I'm out, I'd rather order something I don't know how to make at home or consider too labour-intensive to bother making, like eggs florentine, or a breakfast special with hash browns or home fries. I don't make pancakes/waffles/french toast at home very often, because they're more labour-intensive than my usual breakfast of cold cereal in milk--maybe once a month or so. When it comes down to waffles vs. pancakes, it depends on how I feel that day about doing dishes (the waffle iron). I haven't had french toast since I was a kid (the SI doesn't like them).
  • I'd rather have an egg breakfast than all those starches. They just fill me up with carbs without any protein. Every once in a while I'll have a hankering. I almost always would make french toast home before ordering it out. Every now and then I'll opt to make some pancakes or order a short stack on the side. Belgian waffle is actually worth ordering!
  • I make pancakes for hubby (I can't eat wheat). No measuring, just throw it in a bowl, mix it up, melt some butter. Some come out really tall, lol. Why? Finances, I suppose.

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