• I wouldn't be too caught up in it. I get down-rated for what I think is a good answer sometimes. Points are just a way to show popular opinion.
  • Sorry this happens to you. It happens to Christians giving honest Christian answers as well. Also happened all the time in the whole McCain vs Obama debate. Some people can't separate their beliefs from what is actually an honest answer.
  • I am sorry people are DRing you. I don't do that (despite being a 'nasty' evangelical Christian). I rate answers on their merit. It is only someone being patently offensive who MIGHT get a DR, and then only after I have told the person why. That being the case, I am DRd all the time, despite my answers being accurate and researched. Even opinion answers are often DRd by those who do not agree, which I think is unfair.
  • I don't. Everyone is entitled to believe what they choose to believe. I grew up "christian" and believed in God for 35 years so at one time I was brainwashed too and would have given the same answers. I still have friends who are Christians in full time ministry and I love them just as much as I would if they were atheist.. I see more DRing of atheist answers/questions than I do of Christian answers/questions though
  • I usually downrate people as a payback, they do it to me and I reciprocate. I down rate extreme ignorance and people who take it upon themselves to antagonize me for expressing my opinion
  • I'm neither religious nor atheist but always rate an answer on its own merit and unless I find an answer offensive I never DR anyway.
  • I never DR anyone on purpose... No matter what they have to say unless it is against a child... and I always up grade based on the condition that the question is intelligent and not petty or ignorant, as both atheist and Christian alike have a tendency to be both at times.
  • Athiest here. Rarely downrate.
  • I never dowrate. I loath cencership.
  • I don't downrate nothing, ever. I would rather make my discontentment or disagreement known in a comment or answer, and I attempt to remain civil-well, at least most times, until at least I myself am provoked. But it's certainly not as bad as it could be. A lot of religious questions are downright offensive and mocking; I just don't give any points at all, in such cases. However, this is rare, I usually give them, regardless. And this goes for everything, not just religion.
  • Nope, I rarely D/R someone, maybe when I was a little newer to AB I D/R'd a few, but even that was rare. I don't hate religion, I just hate it when they turn hypocritical.
  • I normally don't DR people unless people DR me and I find out who they are. But on top if that, I normally don't DR people at all, unlike most Answerbaggers who are DR-happy.

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