• Separating them is pretty much the only thing you can do. i had to separate my 2 male mice becuase they were biting each other. So i would separate them.
  • If they are really fighting, i.e. drawing blood, then yes, separation may be necessary. However a certain amount of bickering is normal as they work out who is the boss. The general rule is no blood, no foul. It can be distressing to watch, but it often dies down as they get older. Similarly, neutering an aggressive male rat can work wonders for their temperament. If two males really cannot get along, even after neutering, then it is also possible to house him *if neutered* with females.
  • Male rats are very protective of the territory. In this case they wont the cage to them self. It is a signal of dominice and both rats should be seperate. There are some methods of making the rats freiendlier towards eachother but there are no real guarranties.' 1. First seperate them but put their cages close so they can still comunicate. 2. Let them have a while together each day and if they fight seperate them.' 3. Do not force their friendship. It will take time!
  • Rats are like wolves. They have an alpha male. It is usually the one in it's prime -- about 10 months to 14 months of age, in breeding maturity. If their are much older ones and much younger ones, they follow the lead of the alpha male, and he may occassionally put them in their place. He will be first to eat and drink and have choice of sleeping area etc. If there are 2 males in the same alpha male age group, they will fight over who is the alpha male. It is best to have one in this age group in with at least one younger or one in old age to prevent this. It is best to keep only one alpha male aged rat in a group. Hope this helps.
  • I adopted 2 grown males and they usually get along - cuddling, grooming, and a little bickering. Twice now,though, after baths and spraying they have mean fights - blood drawing. I have temporary blocked the door in their cage ... one has bad mites - he seems to be the mean one - could he be itchy and angry after the bath and spray? Could it be they don't recognize each other's smell? ... I hope they mellow out - I really don't have room for another cage! : (
  • probably by seperating them
  • Give one a knife and tell him to end it quick.

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