• Well, I am a woman but I've always heard from boyfriends that covering their penis with Vaseline and slowly squeezing and stroking the head was the best way.
  • If you're willing to spend money on it, I hear the fleshlight is good.
  • Stop and go method. IF you work at it, you can last a long long time!
  • the fleshlight is very good. Very realistic feel to it, and you can control the suction effect. Excellent toy! so I hear!!
  • The warm hand of a close friend!
  • Lube it up then put on a condom.......the slipperyness and the condom combo will drive you nuts........... and EDGE always EDGE when you can.....see how many times you can postpone it....... not only gives you pleasure right then but will be great when you are with that special guy or gal.........!!!

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