• On his side, front or back. Could make quite a difference. I'm a layperson but have worked in the medical field as an adm for years.
  • if it's on the right side, sounds like appendicitis and it has possibly ruptured with a temp that high which is life threatening as it's sending poisons into his bloodstream. He needs to go to the Er now.. this is nothing to play with
    • Majik-1
      This was my thought. He could DIE if he doesn't get to the hospital ASAP...or sooner!!!
  • Could be his appendix. He doesn't want to leave it too long - peritonitis is not pleasant.
  • I'd say that if it's on or near his right side that he has appendicitis. If his appendix bursts he could develop peritonitis, go into septic shock, and die. However, I have no medical training whereas is a primary care physician.
  • I had one of those and it was a bladder infection. I'd get him to a doctor. It could be worse that that also. An ulcer is the least it could be unless it's bleeding. Just my opinion. But I'm 70 and still kicking.
  • Could be diverticulitus. You have pockets in your colon. If there is food stuck in them, you can get an infection. My mother died from it, when food in it rotted through her intestinal wall and caused sepsis. All she complained of was severe pain in the abdomen and a fever.
  • He should be to weak to fight back. Put him in the car and go straight to the ER!!! This is not something to mess around with.
  • just call an ambulance, he might have a hard time saying no to them
  • maybe you should call 911 and they can maybe make him go

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