• Negative....Salty butter...Always use Garlic powder/salt and have never used kosher salt.
  • No. I like salted butter with regular salt.
  • Kind of - I dislike much salt on most things, ESPECIALLY butter, except in things that need both. So FOR SURE unsalted butter on bread, and potatoes. Also, salt in butter can hide rancidity, so you know unsalted butter is fresh. I will use salted butter on popcorn. I primarily use kosher salt, though sometimes some of the fancier salts, like fleur de sel, etc., also. Garlic powder is rare, though sometimes if in a REAL hurry, or if I have used up all my fresh garlic, which I use a lot of. Garlic powder is also handy for backpacking and camping.
  • Always use unsalted butter for baking. Kosher salt is more tasty and better texture than regular table salt. I suppose real garlic is better than garlic powder in most recipes -- but I think it's better on garlic bread.
  • Unsalted butter is much better for baking, kosher salt has better flavor and garlic powder can't even compare to real garlic. So, yes I do.
  • Two out of three. I use salted butter most of the time.
  • I understand the Salt but whats wrong with Garlic?
  • No. But I love only unsalted butter and i do use garlic powder at times.
  • I use the butter that is best for the recipe. Sometimes that is unsalted, like in baking, and sometimes it's salted. Unsalted is usually higher in quality and fresher butter since it doesn't keep as well as with salt so it's a good thing to use in bakery items. But you don't use it to spread on toast unless you like that kind of butter. I nearly always use kosher salt, have for years as I don't like the metallic taste of table salt and also kosher salt tasters better and melts into the food better because of it's shape. I have strong preferences in kosher salt, as I always try to get Diamond crystal kosher salt. I do have to use more if it since the shape is larger, but it tastes clean and pure with no metal twang yuck! I use fresh garlic, minced on my microplane, but for a few recipes I do use garlic powder, never salt. I use fresh because it tastes best, not artificial and again, no metallic taste. I've never heard of any commandments, I just cook the best way I know how, as I've learned over the years. I'm all about getting the best flavors possible, clean simple, good.
  • Of course not. Generally, yes, but the only real difference between salted and unsalted butter is that the salted kind lasts longer. When it's on sale, I buy it. Kosher salt is not recommended for all recipes, anyway, so I use sea salt, simple table salt, and herbed salts depending on the recipe. Garlic powder is handy. I often use it. When I'm really cooking something nice, no. But, really, only a snob would refuse ever to use it.
  • I use butter appropriate to the food I'm preparing. For example, baked goods get unsalted. Same with salt, although kosher salt is what I use the majority of the time as it is superior in terms of flavor and texture. It also won't wilt salad greens and you get more salty "bang" for your buck with it as you don't use as much. Regular salt I tend to use for salting pasta water and for popcorn (which I pop myself, the old-fashioned way and drench with unsalted butter). I prefer fresh garlic but find granulated garlic to be very convenient and flavorful IF it's fresh. As far as commandments, I follow none except those of my palate and common sense. I know and appreciate food better than most. I get accused of being a "foodie" here in lovely mid-Missouri. If that means I prefer a frshly made wild mushroom raviolo with freshly grated parmagiano reggiano to frozen, microwaved fried ravioli dipped in ranch dressing. . .then so be it. I'm a foodie in spades! ;)

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