• Trés tacky, in my opinion.
  • Cute when it's lower levels...5, 10, 15...but once you reach a certain point you would think it's old hat. It gets a little annoying. AB isn't supposed to be about points anyway, right?
  • padding points, IMO. If you notice the leader board, the most frequent questions are Congrats.
  • I feel rather embarrassed for them in a way. Rather tacky but then each to their own . It always reminds me of the saying "self praise is no recommendation." There do seem to be enough people about that keep a watch on levels but I am sure some do slip through the net and feel overlooked.
  • If you do it to gain points..its tacky and some people on here are real point grabbers....if you do it for fun..then its acceptable in my opinion!!
  • It's sickening ! When I see people do that, it makes me throw up in my mouth a little.
  • Yes it is a bit tacky and most likely for attention and to gain points. Is it acceptable? well if it is posted in a real question and does not go against the rules I think we should accept it. We could look down on those that do it but really is it really hurting anyone here? I mean we all have our ideal of what fun is. If they are having fun and it harms no one isn't that acceptable? I noticed the lower level self congratulation questions really do not gain many points for the most part and we all have the right to either not open the question or not up-rate it to show encouragement. So yes I think it is both tacky and acceptable.
  • i dont mind it at all. its acceptable IMHO. i would do it if one day i reach a higher level and announce it to the AB world -if no one is keeping tabs on my level progress. i wouldnt want to go un noticed after all my hard work contributing to the the outspoken type you see .
  • Personally, I think it a bit tacky. On QnA Live, I used to ask "who is going to be the next Level ..." questions to recognize the achievements of those on the high end. I would also smackdown some of he newbies who thought that reaching Level 2 was difficult. Different quirks for different jerks, I always say. ;-)
  • honestly? I think it's kind of tacky when people do it for themselves or for others..if anyone knows you on here they know what level you are and let's not forget there's a whole lot of "back-patting" going on where people scroe friends answers and questions merely because they are friends on me the "congrats" questions just seem like a way of earning more points which is kind of funny because you are kind of celebrating the points you collected and the level you just got to anyways with the question in the first place...I just ignore them .
  • I think it's ok. It isn't hurting anyone. And you assume that everyone has friends. As someone that has none in real life and like 3 here on AB I don't get noticed much. A lot of times people kinda gotta ask for themselves.
  • This is going to be a mixed answer. lol My gut and belief is .. "it's tacky". You know .. self congratulating and all that. I think level 50 and up congratulation celebrations are great .. but should be gifts from others not a self pat on the back. Makes it "look like" a play for points rather than a fun "hey you did good" fun time if that makes sense. Ok .. so why not leave it right there? Well, last month, I hit level 50. Then nothing happened! LOL Oh boy. Well, given my beliefs, I couldn't bring myself to post a message that I'd turned Sage level. But I also felt bad. What did it mean if nothing happened? I had no friends? But I thought I did! I literally went away the next day!!! Came back the following. Told myself to "get a grip"! LOL But still .. So I finally told some folks in a Comment thread that I'd turned 50 a few days before .. then later .. someone (thanks JuJu) read that and hosted a congrats party. So the theory was ok .. and I've met a lot of folks .. but it wasn't a given that it would be noticed by anyone. Figured I'd just not done something right in terms of virtual relationships? Mamma mia. So, a social "hmmmmm" came up. My own "it's tacky" didn't allow me to poat about it, but didn't want to not celebrate either. First "big milestone". Reality is .. there are gazillions of people here. Way too many things going on to keep up. So how to know if anyone "is" watching .. or what to do that "is" acceptable if they don't. Or even, what the "etiquette is" on who hosts these things. Is it whoever notices first? Ok .. longwinded as always! Sorry about that. And I feel sort of foolish sharing all this out loud. But it goes to show ... we never know what's going on with folks. Short answer: tacky Long answer: often a party is "given" .. but what to do if not noticed by anyone yet still want to celebrate 50, 60, 70, etc. Odds are better later on .. but a lot rides on that first one .. er .. end of answer now. lol
  • I don't really feel the need for self-congratulations. When someone else does it, it's a party. I am happy that they've gotten the points, and I'd rather be a guest in a party of my honor than host of it. So yeah, to reiterate, "Tres Tacky", indeed.
  • I think congratulatory anouncements should be posted under a bulletin type heading on the home page. It would ensure that everyone is aware of an achievement without upsetting people who don't like these questions. People would be able to add comments, like we do with the AB-Blog.
  • Congratulatory questions are in and of themselves quite tacky. I love them all.
  • It does seem a bit tacky but I think that if no one notices and they are really happy with their achievement, it's acceptable. But if they just got that new level and they are crowing about it, then I think that is totally tacky. Give others the chance to notice. There really is more joy in giving and I know I always am thrilled if a friend of mine make s a new level and I can announce for them. I feel like it's a gift to them. And yes, I'd rather we had somewhere we could post congrats without the points but we're stuck with them right now, but it doesn't take away with how happy I am for some people.
  • I think it should be mandatory. That way *if* you want to share your new level, birthday, etc. then you make the announcement. Some people don't like their names up in lights, yet someone always sticks it up there without asking if they mind first. So no ones name should be in a question unless the question is about themselves.
  • Do you know what? I think it's all a bit tacky. And there's nothing wrong with that, I like a bit of tacky. And when I see somebody who gets to level 50 or 60 or whatever and asks their own question, I think it's brave. And it shows that they don't care what everyone else is going to think, and I like somebody like that. If we're being honest, loads of people do just ask them for points. And who better to get points, than the person the question is about. Not that I'll be doing it anytime soon...
  • I'll tell you that when I'll soon reach the Sage level, and if noone notices, I'll be sad :( So I'll have to say something, after all, I worked hard to reach that level!Haha! We need some loving, here!
  • I don't have a problem with it. Sometimes in life you got to put yourself on stage and enjoy the moment!
  • That falls into the catagory of..I just dont care..woohooo congrats to them if they wanna say it first..I dont mind. :)
  • Either way, i prefer to be congratulated by another AB user, makes it more special when someone notices your achievement.
  • I used to think they were tacky but when I made it to sage nobody recognized it or seemed to even know i had made it to sage. So In the back of my mind I thought, I have all these friends and nobody even cares when it seems like everyone else got contratulated for every little level. So, my opinion is different now. Though I would never "Congratulate myself" its ok if others need to do it cause when I reached Maestro and I was recognized I felt better than I had felt in months because I knew that I was appreciated on AB (I had been debating quitting completely). Again Andy TY for allowing me to feel that.
  • Just more of a shade societal narcissism-which has become quite acceptable. "Hey, look at ME mom! No hands!" But, unless you can hear the person self-congratulate, sometimes feigned arrogance can be quite funny. Personal accomplishment w/o needing too much fanfare is more charming. Yes, let others offer you a congrats to your accomplishment. I like words of sincerity much more than words of obligation.
  • Tacky. In all honesty I don't like the direction that Answerbag has taken...too many ridiculous questions and nonsense answers. Stuff like that reminds me of the typical childish message board antics I used to put up with when I frequented fan pages for assorted interests.
  • Rather self-serving to put it mildly.

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