• Our local Independent Pharmacy/liquor store has been in business for at least 50 years. Their prices are similar to those of the Chain Stores. Of course, they don't compete with the $4/prescription deals of the Cosc-Marts, but I'd rather shop local and keep the guys in business.
  • I love my local pharmacist, Maurice, and would never go anywhere else. When I needed a few tablets of my pressure pills and there were no official refills he let me have six until I could get to the doctor. He knows me, my wife and each of kids and is always there to take care of us.
  • thumbs up! for independents any day.
  • Well normally I would prefer the independent owner over the chain stores, but I really like my pharmacist at Walgreens...Dan and the other two guys have been in the same store for at least 15 years. So i say kudos to Walgreens in Cincinnati, OH on the westside for keeping them for a long time.

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