• I don't know if it's ever been tested, giving people lots of adrenaline can be dangerous, but there are certainly an abundance of stories about people demonstrating amazing strength when under extreme stress
  • before you go to adrenaline rush... you must imagine yourself being stronger than before. you must also have this desire to push your limits. you must never under any circunstances feel fear!! try to feel that there is an unknown energy and welcome it in your HANDS. Once you feel that "rush" flowing through your hands you can lift for example a desk with one hand and the good news is that you can control your actions but the bad news is that you have to think it fast.sadly it can only activate under alot of pressure you must feel yourself being presured. the presure must be recieved from an outer source you cannot summon it alone. the problem with this is that you feel you used a lot from your body. You will feel heat all through your body. Kinda of like when goku from dbz AFTER he uses kaioken.I have experienced "adrenaline rush" and my dad as well. So its posible to anyone to do it if you believe.

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