• That she wants to see him in said underwear.
  • It doesn't look good to be honest. Unless it was as part of some work-based joke or something then it is a strange thing to buy for a friend of the oppposite sex, particularly as she kept it from you.
  • Was it a gag gift? Perhaps she didn't tell you because you have a habit of reading too much into things. Or she has a thing for this guy and didn't want you to find out about it. Either way, don't read into anything. Just talk with her about it.
  • You should read H..A..N..E..S
  • she think his behind is stinking.. and trying to make a statement...
  • That's weird and the weirdest part is she didn't tell you. I'd be pissed unless the guy is gay, is he? I'd still be mad she didn't tell me though.
  • It depends on the underwear. If it were something from here: It probably was innocent. If not, I'd be concerned.
  • You need to talk to her - summising about it wont give you any answers and just make stuff spin round and round in your head. Its the best advice I can give you.
  • Um...let's see...people are acting like you're crazy on Answer Bag for thinking this is a weird thing saying that you are "reading into it". Buddy, you have full reason to read into this. 1) Your wife "bought her male coworker underwear"- this alone is reason to be suspicious. This is completely inappropriate on any level standing by itself. If this is all you said in your question, I would have been like..." what you have to do partner". 2) She "lied to you about it"- If this was just some silly joke, what then would be the exact reason to lie about it? If you caught her doing it, then even if it was "just a joke", then she wouldn't have to lie. She obviously feels guilty. You have every reason to be ticked off at her. Case closed.
  • The only person I buy underwear for is the person I want to SEE in that underwear!
  • hmmmmmm, it seems strange that she would do something along those lines. Her lying about it doesnt make any sense. What kingd of underwear was it? Fruit of the looms? Hanes? or was it more uhhhh personal like a manthong? Perhaps it was a gag gift of sorts? Maybe its harmlesss gag shes playing on him and she knew that youd be uncomfortable with telling you. I'd have a conversation about this with her. I'd also keep my eyes on her personal spending habits and cell phone usage. That might clear up a few things. just my 2 cents.
  • Oh, oh!
  • It is inappropriate to buy a co-worker underwear. What was the reason behind it? Was it some sort of personal joke? Was he being teased about skid marks and she bought them? Or did he say how he liked the soft feel of silk and his man berries and she bought them? You need to talk to her and get to the bottom of this. The fact that she lied is a HUGE red flag. She is hiding something. You need to keep your eyes open especially concerning her and this co-worker. Something is not right and you deserve to know the truth. Keep an eye on her cell phone, text messages etc. A woman who lies about one thing, probably lies about many things. She can't be trusted.
  • I think that's a bit personal for a coworker unless it was a joke or prank...
  • The lie is the most telltale part of this. Sorry, but, you have a problem.
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  • dont infer. ask. have a discussion with her- calmly- with out accusing.
  • 5-9-2017 There is no explanation for that, no matter how you look at it. The best thing you can say is that it was an incredibly stupid blunder. I suggest you move out to ponder the situation for a while and see what happens.
  • It depends on the underwear. I would not get upset by thermals but maybe a posing pouch would be different. Maybe he never changes his underwear, and it is a polite joke?

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