• Well Thanksgiving falls on the last Thursday of the month of November so naturally the date will change. Xmas is always on the 25th but then again will fall on a different day each December. Your Birthday is the same. You may have been born on let's say Jan 20th on a Friday, but the next year it will fall on the 20th which will be a Saturday. Easter is a moveable holiday, but will be always on a Sunday two days after good friday...IF you are an xian. Halloween/Samhain the BEST Holiday of all falls on the last day of October. 31st. Yule is 19-22. Imbolc, Feb 1.Ostara 19-22. Beltane May 1.Litha/ Summer Solstice 19-22. Lughnasadh Aug 1. Mabon Sept 9-22. And due to the calendar each year will fall on different days. If the holiday always falls on the same calendar day each year (Christmas, New Years, Valentine's Day etc.) then the day of the week moves forward one day for each year. Unless there is a leap year...then holidays that fall after Feb.29th move two weekdays in that year. Aren't you glad you asked? You got the long dissertation.
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