• Be happy in spite of them
  • I have to admit I am pretty veangeful person when I have been wronged. I had an employee steal over $300 from me when I owned a restaurant..I caught him redheanded and he still denied it. I went outside one day and stcuk a knife in all 4 of his tires. He never figured out who it was. I also had a boss that screwed me over once so when I left that company I recruited all of my best employees from there to come work for me at my new job and left her with no one to work for her during the busy xmas holiday season. I've probably done worse but those 2 came to mind first.
  • Oh wow....the absolute WORST... I've damaged an SUV to a total loss using a knife, a screwdriver, and eggs.
  • When I was like 13 I poured flea shampoo all over a girl. That's...really my worst. I don't generally get revenge.
  • I stuck gum in this dude's hair that rudely broke up w/ my best friend. Then I ripped it out and he almost cried
  • Use every secret they confided in me against them.
  • <Tickle Monster>!!!!!!!
  • Horrible thing to do. That shows what kind of person you are. I wouldn't want to be your wife if that's what you do. That is so mean. A real friend/husband/boyfriend would never use secrets again people that they felt close enough to you to confide. It actually isn't reenge, it just makes you look like an idiot, that you think you are getting revenge, but when you aren't mad anymore, you will realize you lost a great bond with a person who valued you and your opinion. You lose then.
  • Leave them, and live a happy life... for myself and to piss them off about what they lost. It worked. Asked me to marry him. Uh, no. Buh-bye.
  • The worst thing I've done is lived a good life in spite of them.
  • I don't have anymore desire to waste my time with pay backs any more, hehe, but once I did. My ex would never let me drive his precious 56 chevy, after we first separated, his girlfriend had the nerve to drive it to where I work, I was the head cashier at K-mart, When I saw her go into the dressing room, I took a bottle of red touch up paint and dribbled it all around the car. Got back in before she noticed I was should have heard her scream!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL If I had the chance, would I do it AGAIN? Damn straight I would---- LMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  • Reported them to the Answerbag staff.
  • I don't believe in revenge/retaliation so if I ever did anything like that it was zillions of years ago and I've forgotten. I just believe in learning the lesson and moving on and never looking back! Happy Friday! :) ((hugs))
  • i dont bother with payback, i believe in karma.:)
  • one time years ago I was in a parking lot and the car next to me slammed their door into my car and put a dent in the door of my car. I knew it was that persons car as the paint from my door was on the edge of their door. they had large hubcaps on their car made of metal. I kicked all four of their hubcaps in. I got in my car and left.
  • Live well!!
  • i didnt do this but a friend of mine, sent r.i.p flowers to the other persons family, very evil if you ask me!
  • Noone has ever paid for anything by my hands. The two wrongs don't make a right thing is where I'm at. Besides, It's so much more sensible to just move on.
  • I haven't done anything. I don't believe anything is gained by trying to payback bad with bad...evil w/ evil.
  • I let people have as much rope as he, she or they WANT in order for him, her or them to hang themselves - to a certain extent! THEN I go into action - without listening to any more of what they have to say or what they tell me they are going to do. PERIOD! On two different occasions almost-the-same incident happened: When I first got into the real estate business, I will readily admit I was "Mr. Nice Guy". The office managed about 50 properties. With the exceptin of a few tenants, the properties were always cared for and rents were usually paid on-time or ahead of time. TRUE STORY NO.1: The office had one tenant who kept lying to me - week after week; month after month - for about three months. She kept giving me excuse after excuse. AND I BELIEVED those lies - time-after-time-after-time! Dad finally said to me: "Well, what did she say this time?" I told Dad "Dot" would have the money the following Thursday at 7 PM. He said to me, "Son, IIIIIII had ENOUGH of her and her garbage! IF she doesn't have that money, I'm gonna throw her out!" "Dot's" phone was turned-off. The next day I went to the apartment. She wasn't home. I left a note telling her what was going to happen. A few days later, on that Thursday I was at her door, promptly, at 7 PM. Once again, she lied. Much like a policeman directing traffic, I held my hand in the air and stopped her - cold - from saying another word. "Dot, I want that money - no more excuses. No more lies. No more trips back here. IF you don't have that money at the office by 8:30 tomorrow morning, here's what I'M DOING: At 9 AM tomorrow morning I'm at the District Court filing a lawsuit against you for that money. AND DON'T tell me "No", because it's going to happen! Period! I turned and walked away. She hollered something about not being fair. I held my hand in the air, turned around and said, "Let me tell you something, young lady: THE ONLY person who hasn't been fair is YOU and your lies to ME. Have a nice night. I HOPE I see you tomorrow by 8:30. (I sort of sang) Goodd niiiightt!" I turned and walked away. The next morning I was in the office about 6:30. I WANTED her to call me from a friend's phone or pay phone and tell me she was there at 7 or 7:30 AM with the money, but no one was there. She didn't call. She didn't show. At 8:45 I locked the office and went to the local District Court. I filed the suit. A few weeks later at the hearing, the office won. She moved. TRUE STORY #2: I didn't give the next tenant as much rope as I gave Dot. I let the second tenant go about 6 weeks. We had almost the same exchange of words. It didn't make any difference to me - my heart AND attitude were "hardened". NOW there is a clause in the leases about the rent, when it's due and the consequences. AND for those tenants the office "inherited" - the tenants and their problems were given to our family as part of managing other folks' properties - we prepared a list of 130+ excuses we heard before and we may have listened to, BUT we won't tolerate any more. As the lease and that form state: . . . "Excuses do not pay the rent. ONLY money pays the rent." . . . Thanks for asking your Q! I enjoyed answering it! VTY, Ron Berue Yes, that is my real last name! Sources: My wonderful family! In the real estate business over 34 years in Pennsylvania. THE ABSOLUTE BEST, MOST WONDERFUL real estate investment group in the world, which I was very proud to be a member of! "THE University of Hard Knocks" Also known as ("a/k/a") "life's valuable lessons".
  • in the beginning of my divorce,i went back to my house to get more of my clothes and my husbands new tramp answered the door with my jacket on. so I kept my cool while i creativly came up with my revenge. I found a dead coyote on the road, so i put it in a box and labled it 'his belongings' then put in on his porch, so it could bask in the sun all day. when he got home from work, he took it inside and reached in the box. (in front of the tramp) and found a dead smelly coyote with a black rose in its mouth. thats about the worst thing i have done as a payback.
  • Hmmm...well there's the neighbor I had that was terrorizing me...I started a rumor that he was a police informant. He disappear shortly after that. Then there's my wife's ex who kept screwing with me and calling me and harassing me. So I told his new girlfriend that the reason they broke up was he was molesting her son. She dumped him after that. When I got fired from my job for BS reasons I wrote a letter to the department of labor turning them in for the all the illegal crap they'd been hiding. Haven't heard back on that one yet.
  • my mums bf moved in when i was 10 and has been cruel and nasty to both me and my mum but because he bought into the house we couldnt get rid of him. now he is taking my mum to court and we might lose the house hes doing this because he knows my mum has no money and that we would end up on the streets. So my act of revenge is giving my mum £10,000 out of the money that my father left me as inheritance to win the house back and when we do the real revenge begins.
  • I "arranged," in concert with others, to have child pornography placed inside his residence, then had one of my confederates contact the proper authorities and "snitch" on him. He was arrested and went to prison, and when he is released (in about 2 years from now), he must be registered as a sex offender, for the remainder of his natural life. You don't fuck with ME, unless you have a VAGINA.

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