• Show them you're there for them by listening to them, telling him your fears from your past relationships, and letting him know what your values are like. Good luck!
  • That fear is called emotional baggage. Make sure they know how immature they are acting.
  • See a professional counselor.
  • You do the same thing that you would do to get any other man to commit. If he's being reminded of those past fears, then it could be highly plausible that he's merely suffering from altered insecurity. All men suffer from it but because his has a name and a cause he feels that it's perfectly justifiable and doesn't give it a second thought. all men are incredibly insecure when it comes to these sort of things and many of them feel that being placed in that kind of situation would leave them being all too vulnerable and they HATE that, why? because YOU have the power. think about it, say he finally decides to open up to you. What's stopping you from ripping out his fsking heart out? Love? Haven't you heard that saying "We hurt the people we love the most"? It took him an awesome amount of time to recover from the "mistakes" and like I would imagine, I don't think he wants to go through all of that crap again -it sucks. <.< Your best bet is to let him see it for HIMSELF. Being in the position you're in right now is a perfect advantage unbeknown to many women in your situation. All you have to do is make him FEEL that this IS the right decision. I know simpler said than done. But trust me, you'll know when the time comes. Make him feel like YOU are the right choice but DON'T pressure -it's within your grasp and your fully capable of doing this. So keep your heap up, k? =)

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