• whenever you are not using it
  • AVG cannot update the virus definitions daily unless you reboot.
  • since I have a cable modem I leave mine on al the time
  • When im not using it Im the only one who turns off the computer at bight everyone else leaves theirs on
  • When I'm done. There's no need to waste energy.
  • Mine has been on since the day I took it out of the box 2 years ago. I have battery backup so in case the lights go out. The only reason mine is only 2 years old is because my old computer needed more memory which I had since 98. which stayed running for 8 years without shutting down. I heard people shut them off daily and some weekly. I think the choice is really optional.
  • I don't turn it off that often..... I have been told that constant heating and cooling is bad for the circuitry, so i tend to leave it on for that reason. And i have a decent surge protector, should any electrical surge happen (although i still switch it off in the bad storms..... just in case.....)
  • Whenever you're done using it. Never leave it on unless you're just taking a bathroom or snack break.
  • Never. And I know all the arguments to the contrary. The heating and cooling that go with shutting down every time your away from your 'puter wreak havoc on the internal components. Think about it like this. Have you ever taken a piece of copper wire and bent it back and forth until it breaks? The same thermal dynamics are at work when you heat and cool anything repeatedly. (Including your 'puter.) Most computers today are very energy efficient. The money you save by shutting down won't cover a fraction of the price of a replacement. Ruh Roh makes a very good point about updates, (AVG, Windows, etc. Thank you Sir.), but when you reboot the time your 'puter is down isn't long enough to allow cooling. My current 'puter has been on for 2 years. Before that I ran my 'puter 24/7 for 6 years.
  • There are a lot of reasons people should or should not turn their computers off. Personally, my computers get turned off whenever they are not going to be in use. They are designed and build pretty darned well and given the life cycle of a computer as determined by how many years it is really useful in our everexpanding and upgrading technological world, they will last plenty long enough to reach the point where they should be replaced anyway before something fails by turning it on and off. My AV programs update whenever I log on, as well as periodically while online. So this isn't a concern for me. Windows automatically checks for updates as well, when I log on. My data is backed up, so I don't have to worry much about data loss from hard drive failure. When my computer is off, I know darn well that nobody is going to hack into it or infect it while I'm not there. If I've got it set up to DL or record shows on a schedule, I'll leave it on. Not leaving it on all the time means less dust collected on the internals and less cleaning required. Turning the computer off clears the cache out. The bottom line is that I know cycling the computer on and off adds to the wear and tear of the HD as it spins up. I know it adds some wear and tear due to heating cycles as well. But I also know there is some wear and tear accrued just leaving it running all the time. From my engineering standpoint, I know these computers are designed and tested with all this cycling in mind, so I don't worry about it. For the average person, the differences in wear and tear on performance either way is insignificant and it really boils down to personal preference.
  • The only time mine is turned off is when it decides to reboot on its own. I'm probably doing something wrong here...>_>
  • I dont know if you are meant to, but every night, at the wall, bang, off goes mine ! :)
  • at night
  • Go through shut down process if you want to turn off!Never try to directly shut off by pressing power button!If possible use hibernate option in Windows XP!
  • no need to turn it off, just set the Power Properties to put it to Hibernate automatically!
  • I turn mine off each night, and unless it's a weekend, it stays off until the next evening when I come home from work.
  • not sure but i turn mine off every night.

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