• Money, Love, Anger, or Mental Illness.
  • Witnessed you committing a crime
  • Mistaken Identity
  • Anger, jealousy, miscarriage of justice, protection of family/friends/self.
  • A crime of Passion where in the spur of the moment, latent tendencies just errupt and then immediately subside after it is too late to change the end result. That provides the story line the necessary drama and the interest to keep reading.
  • Because someone forgot to put down the toilet seat (Just kidding, Chels - give me time, and I'll try to provide you with a substantive answer)
  • Scratching your car.
  • Walking by your table in a restaurant and eating food off your plate!
  • Oh.... A young lady grew up in a foster home,where she was abused daily by her foster brother,SO She marries his wifes brother so that she goes to all the family functions.She is in his face every time he turns around.Now, he has 'changed' his ways and is so scared that she will tell his wife.In the end.....Up to you now!
  • sex always sells. Murder due to adultery or a misguides love affair.
  • Looking at you funny..
  • that person acidently shot your wife or husband or child etc who was caught in the cross fire between that person and one or several others...
  • Revenge, jealousy, money, religious or political differences, crime of passion are the obvious ones. Being overlooked for promotion at work. Being cut up by another driver on the road. Attempted mugging (self-defence). Because you're a soldier and your commanding officer is an idiot who gets his men killed for no good reason. Because you're a psychopath. Because you're an environmentalist who takes things too far. If you watch shows like the CSI franchise or Criminal Minds, there's no end of reasons (not all good) why people kill each other.
  • Due to him/her believes to serve the Underworld
  • they are dictators or warlords
  • How about the killer is convinced that the person or persons he kills are reincarnated or will be reincarnated and keep coming back. Like Son of Sam meets Groundhog Day.
  • they raped your child
  • Wow. A motive is pretty central to any murder novel. And you can't think of a decent motive for your own book? I look forward to seeing it on the best-sellers list.
  • If I could only allow you to spend a day or two in my head... I would put being John Malkovitch to shame and you my dear would have about 50 thousands ways to justifiably kill someone without leaving a trace. Don't mind me, Im not dangerous anymore... It's residule!
  • to hide a secret
  • There is absolutely not 1 single reason why you should ever kill anyone. Not even if they have killed. Two wrongs don't make a right.
  • an estranged spouse has been collecting documents to prove that the other spouse has committed tax fraud in the millions. So the other spouse kills to avoid prison for tax evasion
  • because they stole your great-grandmother's recipe for scones, passed it off as their own and set up a business which became a brand leader overnight - and noone would believe you when you went to the tabloids and said the scones were an old family recipe. But then they tried to buy you off, and even though you were offered a 12 figure sum for your silence, you could not suffer the indignity of selling out on your family. Besides, your pet beagle needed emergency surgery to correct a hip misalignment, and you really needed the money, but you suffered a minir heart attack brought on by the stress of weighing up the ethical dilemma - to sell out the family for the sake of your sick beagle, or to remain true to your principles. Instead, in a fit of madness, you kill the person who stole the recipe... or was it really madness?????
  • There are pretty much only three motives: The victim has something you want. The victim did something you feel he deserves to be punished for. (Alternatively, you want to stop him from doing something in the future.) You just felt like killing somebody, and chose your victim arbitrarily.
  • Because they insist on always playing opera music at much too loud of a volume in the office next to yours...
  • Check out this question: - Those are all good reasons to kill someone
  • He scratched your brand new Chevy.
  • NOTE: THIS IS A HUGE ANSWER BUT I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT IF YOU READ IT AND TOLD ME IF ITS GOOD OR NOT. Mr. X (killer) was a lawyer. He had a 8 year old daughter but no wife. They lived in a...umm, how to say it...a sort of slum like place. You know, with lots of alleys and stuff. Well anyway, Mr. X was in the court when his daughter was going to a park on her bicycle. The previous day was very rainy and so she was trying and avoiding all the puddles of water. Up ahead there was a huge puddle of water. When she was near it, a nearby car blew its horn and she got startled, lost balance and fell into the puddle. But the thing is, a live wire from the current pole had fallen into the puddle a few minutes ago. The result: she got electrocuted to death. When Mr. X came to know of this, he got mad, VERY VERY VERY MAD. He started blaming everybody for his daughter's death. He blamed the guy who was supposed to have fixed up the roads coz then there wouldnt have been any puddles. He blamed the guy who was supposed to check on the electricity wires and make sure they were safe. He blamed their superiors who gave these two their jobs. He blamed THESE superiors' superiors. He blamed the car driver who honked his horn. He became very violent and unpredictable and so he was sent to the asylum. There, he became silent and he seemed to have cooled down, become normal. But what others didnt know was that he was formulating a plan to kill all those who were "responsible" for his daughter's death. The moment he got out, he made a list and started killing the people one by one.
  • Because they stole some of your corn!!! Lol
  • they raped your goldfish
  • To prevent harm of the innocent, particularly children
  • They are writing a Murder Mystery. Seriously, all his friends think he's writing about a particular person (or more than one) when in fact it's all just made up. However comedy ensues and the writer thinks they are all out to get him when in fact they just want to know the ending of the story.
    • Percussion
      Run with it then and see where it takes you.

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