• I personally find long toenails yuck, no matter how nicely painted (i'm a female). Nice paint doesn't stop scratching in bed! :)
  • Vanity is the discretion of everyone. It may appear foolish or ugly, but it is a choice they are free to make. If they are wrong, they have wasted time and money and perhaps looked foolish, but they have neither hurt themselves not anyone else seriously. So, who cares? Probably no on else really cares................
  • I don't personally like the look of it but each to their own!
  • I'd be afraid of getting them caught and snagging them on socks etc.
  • i really hate long toenails also, i hate the feeling of them scarping in the inside of shoes, eww.
  • I think toenails should be long enough to look nice but certainly never extending over the end of the toe . That would be very painful if caught , and if injured fungal infections or just plain unable to wear shoes would be very inconvenient .
  • I think toenails that extend slightly past the toe is fine. Then need to be well groomed though. I'd love to be the keeper of someone's longer toenails.
  • I think it looks ridiculous on top of being a handicap. Its a good way to show that you are high maintenance and can only wear blingy sandals. Ive seen french manicure toenails that are long enough to curl down over platform sandals.

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