• No. I will remain loyal to the brand. I must have decided on the brand after much experimentation and deliberation with myself . And in these days of inflation if my brand chose to reduce the quantity of content in same size of the packaging it is okay with me. The only other alternative for them would be to mark a higher pirce per pack. That too would be okay for me.
  • Chances are I would not notice unless it was a major amount. What many consumes do not realize is when something like this happens if they would complain to the company and show their disapproval they would change it back. They may try things like this hoping no one notices but they do not want to lose customers.
  • I know for a fact that "they" already do this..has been going on for years. :(
  • It's happened many times in the past and I have changed my buying habits. I've also written the company and complained to the stores, both in person and via email. One store actually started to change their prices because enough of us complained.
  • There are some products that have no comparables. In those cases if the prices versus content disparity were egregious, we'd just stop buying. We use store brands already for many things. The manufacturers are all doing this and have been for years. We know..we see..we watch..they don't get away with anything! :)
  • It wouldent matter. I would just switch to another grocery store. Like Walmart.
  • I dont buy by brands, i watch the "price per ounce" sticker and buy the cheapest.
  • They already have started doing that - in fact, that is an OLD ploy. Do we have any choices if we insist on brand names or familiarity?
  • i am getting very wise to all the tricks of these stores i will search out all prices of all foods i buy at all differnt stores fruit and veg i buy from local small grocer - he is cheaper AND fresher toiletries and soap and washing powder i buy from ASDA (Wal Mart) homewares and non-food items i buy from wholesale or Tesco over the year i save hundreds of pounds
  • Unfortunately If one does they probably all will follow. Coffee used to come in "One Pound, Two Pound, andThree POund" cans. The one pounders went to 14 ,13, 11, and 10.5 oz. the can size and the price stayed the same.
  • I will and if I cant I would find some place else.
  • Certain products I would stick with, just because I enjoy them. But I dont like when they do that, it is sneaky and underhanded, and I will find a different brand.
  • I gather that you didn't know that they already did that during the most recent gas crisis?
  • Mostly likely no, but I would most certainly complain.
  • I know already that this has happened to lots of products over the years. Either smaller size/quantity or made more cheaply. I've always been a comparison shopper, and look for the best bargain. In many cases, store brands aren't really lesser quality than name brands, depending on the product.
  • This has been happening for a long time. that is why nothing is an even size anymore. Dog food used to be 20 lbs, now it is 17.6 lbs, etc. I would not probably not switch brands because they are all doing it.

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